Bad Breath Herbal Remedy

You can quite easily find an effective bad breath herbal remedy that will outperform any commercial product on the shelf.

However, using herbs for bad breath is only one side of the equation. It is always important to get to the root of the problem.

The primary source of bad breath that can be treated directly is the growth of sulfur producing, anaerobic bacteria in the mouth. This is one area which can be tackled directly using herbal remedies for bad breath.

Such bacteria are a normal part of the oral fauna, but in a healthy body, their levels are kept in check by properties of the saliva. However, most people are not very healthy, and when these levels increase, the result is bad breath.

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A note about using a Bad Breath Herbal Remedy

In natural health and healing, we believe in holistic health and healing, as we realize that different parts of the human body are highly interlinked, often beyond Man's understanding. We also believe that the body has the ability to heal itself of any disease, even supposedly incurable diseases.

In order to do so, the body needs the support of some basic dietary and lifestyle good health habits, such as a full body detox and a proper understanding and application of nutrition. No matter how remote or unrelated a health condition may seem, these fundamental health steps will greatly magnify the effects and benefits of any of our health-promoting efforts, including the use of specific natural health remedies.

Here are some bad breath herbal remedies which you could use to alleviate its symptoms.

Chlorophyll Containing Herbs

Chlorophyll alleviates bad breath to some degree by neutralizing various sulfur compounds. Earlier in the article, sulfur-producing bacteria were mentioned. These sulfur compounds are one of the substances that will make someone turn his or her head. Garlic and onions are also sulfur-containing foods, so chlorophyll can help to neutralize their odor.

Foods and herbs that contain chlorophyll include parsley, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, or natural chlorophyll tablets. Chlorophyll tablets to be used as a bad breath herbal remedy should contain liquid form chlorophyll.


Peppermint is a simple herbal remedy for bad breath symptom relief – there is a reason why it can be found in so many oral products, including toothpastes and chewing gum.

For bad breath, you would want to use the essential oil. The essential oil of peppermint is antibacterial, and it smells good. It will also help to balance the PH levels of the mouth to some degree, which will extend its anti-bad breath effect to a certain degree.

Use a product containing the essential oils, or mix some with a small bit of water, rinse, and swallow.

Clove and Sage

These herbs function in a similar way to peppermint, and thus is also a good bad breath herbal remedy. For these herbs, you also want to use the essential oils. You can use an herbal product such as Dr Richard Schulze's Fresh Breath Plus, or you can use the oil directly.

Use these oils alone, or mix them with peppermint for a stronger effect and more potent bad breath herbal remedy. Quality clove oil is strong, so a couple of drops in water is all you need.

Summing up the use of bad breath herbal remedies

Do that that the use of herbs for bad breath control is pretty much symptomatic relief, and may not get to the root of the issue. For a better idea of how to do so, read the article on using home remedies for bad breath relief.

Also, be aware that herbal remedies for bad breath are much less effective, or even ineffective, if your body is lacking water, so be sure to keep yourself well hydrated. Water, after all, is essential for health in so many ways.

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