Carpal Tunnel Symptoms - Warning Signs

What are the typical carpal tunnel symptoms and signs? Do you think you have this condition?

Given the nature of our lifestyles these days, it seems like everyone has some form of hand and wrist problems. But how many people really have carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)? Often, a person may be suffering from bursitis and think that he or she has carpal tunnel syndrome.

While it’s true that lots of people do now legitimately suffer from this occasionally debilitating problem, it’s important to be able to recognize true carpal tunnel symptoms and know what it really is before you begin to diagnose yourself.

The wrist is the smallest joint in the body, but it often receives the most stress. This little joint is surrounded by tissue or tendons that support it. There is a tiny little space between the wrist bone and tendon called the carpal tunnel, where the median nerve sits. This nerve gives feeling to the thumb, index finger and middle finger. When something causes the tendons supporting the wrist to swell up, such as repetitive motions like typing, it puts pressure on the median nerve and can cause the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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A note about Carpal Tunnel Symptoms - Warning Signs

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Carpal tunnel syndrome will sometimes go away when the repeated motion that is causing the symptoms is stopped. Unfortunately, for many sufferers, the daily repetitive motion is essential and cannot be ceased.

Do note that, even if your symptoms ease up and then return, it’s possible that you are still suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Here are some typical carpal tunnel symptoms and signs.

  • The most common early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are numbness in the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and part of the ring finger. This is because the nerve is being constantly compressed by the inflamed tissues of the wrist. This numbness can become worse or painful at night, depending on the way a person sleeps; sometimes, fluid can settle in the area, causing increased pain. Often, the pain and numbness are strong enough to wake affected persons from their sleep.

  • Occasionally, when a person has the early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, he or she will experience pain in the wrist and hands.

  • When carpal tunnel syndrome becomes more severe, a person might begin to have shooting pains in his or her hands, wrists and up the forearms. This, combined with the tingling sensations, is one of the more common identifiers of this problem.

  • Often, as the problem grows worse, people may experience cold hands and warm forearms as carpal tunnel symptoms.

  • Another symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome may be pain in the neck and shoulders.

  • One of the worst symptoms, and a very possible one, is the loss of strength in the affected hand. This, combined with clumsiness of the hands, might be an indicator of carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you suffer from any or all of these carpal tunnel symptoms, it is time to look into ways to treat your condition as well as to prevent it from getting any worse. The good news is that, depending on how severe your ailment is, you may be able to make it go away completely without the use of any kind of surgery or medication.

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