The Coconut Oil Thyroid Connection - Benefits and Uses

By now, you might have heard of the coconut oil thyroid connection.

The link between coconut oil and the thyroid gland is metabolic. Many people suffer from thyroid problems and coconut oil is believed to have uses and benefits when it comes to helping with these issues. The oil itself can increase your metabolism which, in turn, can help you burn more calories.

Coconut oil has been used in many Asian cultures for centuries due to its health benefits. However, in comparison, its development in the Western market is fairly recent. So how does the coconut oil thyroid connection work?

The thyroid itself is an endocrine gland which produces hormones that act as metabolism regulators. Sometimes, people have hypothyroidism, which means that their thyroid is under active. This can lead to an increase of weight gain, regardless of the amount of food that is eaten. With hyperthyroidism, the thyroid is overactive, which means that regardless of the amount of food that you consume, you might have trouble gaining weight.

An under-active thyroid gland can lead to many problems, including a slow metabolism rate and weight gain. Heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are more common in those who have a slow metabolism rate.

The coconut oil thyroid connection can help assist in some types of hypothyroidism which, in turn, could possibly help people lose weight at a quicker pace. And besides coconut oil thyroid benefits, there are other health benefits of coconut oil, too.

Pure coconut oil is 92 percent saturated fat, which means that it doesn't suppress your metabolism. Rather than storing fat, it helps produce energy, which can help you burn off fat quicker. For people who have trouble with their thyroids, this can be a positive effect, since in the past, they might have had trouble burning off calories, regardless of the small amount of food that they consumed or the amount of exercise that they participated in.

Coconut oil contains fatty acid chains called medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). The MCTs are what can increase metabolism. The body is able to absorb them easily and they can give a quick dose of energy to the body. Since it contains short fatty acids, coconut oil is absorbed into the blood and used as energy. Your body also requires less energy to digest coconut oil.

So, to harness the coconut oil thyroid benefits, how can you take the coconut oil? This seems to be a personal preference. Some people prefer to add coconut oil to their food during the cooking process. Other people prefer to ingest raw coconut oil in a teaspoonful in the morning before they start their day.

In considering coconut oil thyroid health benefits, it is important to note that while coconut oil might be able to help with some types of thyroid problems, it isn't always the cure-all. In addition, attention still has to be paid to diet and exercise. Although the metabolism rate might be increased, eating a well-balanced diet and continuing to exercise are still important when it comes to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

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The Coconut Oil Thyroid Connection - Benefits and Uses

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