Cooking With Coconut Oil and Ways to Consume It

If you haven't yet considered cooking with coconut oil, it's perhaps time that you do.

The nutritional and health benefits of this oil make it an ideal choice when looking for ways to lower your cholesterol, boost your metabolism and give your immunity a lift.

As with all oils, it's important not to over consume it, because of the additional calories and fat that it can add to your diet, but if you have to choose an oil to cook your food in, coconut oil is one that is a good choice.

Heat Stable

When we cook with oil, we risk having the oil become unstable, which means that the properties within it that are usually healthy can become unhealthy. Some oils, when exposed to high heat, can also develop free radicals that have been found to cause cancer

Cooking with coconut oil is very different. Coconut oil is one type of oil that is heat stable, which not only means that the structure of this substance won't change, but it also ensures that you will get all the same healthy benefits from it whether it's been cooked or is raw.

It's important to make sure that you use only virgin coconut oil, which is unprocessed in any way. This will come in a solid or semi-solid form at room temperature, but will liquefy when heated. The fact that this oil comes as a solid increases the shelf life to help ensure that you have fresh, healthy oil when you need it. An even bigger plus is that you can get all the healthy benefits you need in only three tablespoons daily.

The Coconut Flavor

One potential downside of cooking with coconut oil for many people is the flavor of it. While lots of people like the nutty flavor of coconut, many people do not, so it may be a determining factor when choosing to use it for cooking your meals.

A great way to get more coconut oil in your diet is to sauté vegetables and cook stir-fry dishes using it. You could also cook chicken in it for a distinctively tropical flavor as well.

Other Ways to Use and Consume Coconut Oil

Here is more good news: besides cooking with coconut oil, there are lots of other recipes that call for this healthy oil. For example, you can use coconut oil in your morning smoothies for extra nutrition with a refreshing, tropical flavor.

Many people will also add coconut oil to their wholegrain toast in the morning. It melts much like butter and tastes great when topped with preserved or spreadable fruit.

Consider making salad dressings with coconut and olive oil mixed. Add it to red wine vinegar and spices. Other people will use it as a dip for bread. Consider adding various spices to the oil and then heating it until it becomes liquid. Allow the mixture to cool before serving.

You can also try coconut oil bread mix for the bread machine. Combine 360 ml water with one tablespoon of organic sugar, one heaping teaspoon of sea salt, 350 gm of organic whole meal flour, 150 gm of plain organic flour, three tablespoons of virgin coconut oil, and one yeast packet. Add sesame seeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds or linseeds, depending on your taste. Put them all in the bread machine and add the nuts of your choice to the top after the last mix cycle. Bake on the whole wheat bread cycle.

Further, you probably didn't know that you could get much of coconut oil's healthy properties from coconut milk, too, but you can. Another way that many people work to get enough coconut oil into their diets is to add the milk to coffee or tea; it picks up the flavor and gives a nutritious boost.

As you can see, besides cooking with coconut oil, there are so many other ways to use this healthful oil, too.

Conclusion - Cooking with Coconut Oil

Whether you are cooking with coconut oil or using it in some other way, you could learn to be creative with this healthy oil - it certainly has a role to play as part of your healthy living and eating plan.

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