Different Types of Vegetarians

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There are several different types of vegetarians. In gist, a vegetarian is a person whose diet excludes meat or animal flesh. Thus, technically speaking, many of these groups of people are not vegetarians at all, and their diets are not accepted as vegetarian diets by some vegetarian organizations. However, these diets are briefly explained below in any case.

Personally, I would prefer to refer to these diets as 'degrees' of vegetarianism, as compared to calling them different types of vegetarians per se. In other words, to what extent one chooses to give up animal food products.

Do keep in mind that there is no 'right' or 'wrong' type of vegetarian or diet, and which type of vegetarian diet to consume is very much down to individual choice. In fact, one does not even need to fit exactly into any specific category among the different types of vegetarians, although it would be good to understand one's personal reasons for choosing to include or omit certain types of foods.

Some of the less-strict diets can be useful for those who are transiting from a meat-based diet to a fully vegetarian one. On the other hand, some of the diets are a lot more restrictive than the average vegetarian diet.

Among the different types of vegetarians described below, I am quite certain that you would not have heard of at least a couple of them. I myself had not previously heard of a few of the different types of vegetarians before. I would think some of these vegetarian types may actually be quite uncommon.

A flexitarian is a person who largely follows a vegetarian diet, but allows oneself to sometimes make exceptions for certain situations, such as for social occasions, pragmatic reasons or nutrition reasons.

A semi-vegetarian is, in some ways, a person who is 'almost vegetarian' and can refer to: - a person who does not eat certain meats (usually red meat) but eats limited amounts of some other meats- a person who does not eat red meat- a person who is a flexitarian i.e. the 2 terms are sometimes used interchangeably

This diet is sometimes used by those who wish to reduce the amount of animal food they consume, without totally being vegetarian, or sometimes as a transition to a full vegetarian diet.

A lessetarian is a person who focuses on reducing the proportion of animal flesh eaten, without fully eliminating it from his diet.

An ovo-vegetarian is a vegetarian who also eats eggs; the prefix "ovo" refers to eggs.

A lacto-vegetarian is a vegetarian who also eats dairy products, such as milk, yogurt and cheese; the prefix "lacto" refers to dairy products. He is sometimes also called a lactarian.

Ovo-lacto-vegetarianism or Lacto-ovo-vegetarianism
An ovo-lacto-vegetarian or a lacto-ovo-vegetarian is a vegetarian who also eats eggs and dairy products such as milk and cheese.

The basic rationale for this diet, I gather, is that animal food which is produced without causing death or suffering to the animals can be eaten. Another example of such foods would be honey. Some would disagree, however, as they feel that milking cows or making use of bees to produce honey would in fact be causing them suffering.

Pesco-vegetarianism or Pescetarianism
A pesco-vegetarian is a vegetarian who also eats seafood or sea animals, excluding sea mammals. They may also eat eggs or dairy products. He is sometimes also called a pescetarian.

A pollotarian is a person who does not eat all meat except poultry and fowl.

Macrobiotic Diet
The macrobiotic diet is a diet with many followers who believe in its health-promoting qualities. It contains mainly of unprocessed vegetarian foods such as whole grains, vegetables and beans. However, it is not a fully vegetarian diet as it sometimes contains fish. Sugar is avoided, and fruits are often also excluded or consumed in limited amounts.

The macrobiotic diet stands out due to its extensive inclusion of sea vegetables, such as seaweeds.

Su Vegetarianism
A su vegetarian is a vegetarian who also does not eat the fetid vegetables, i.e. garlic, leeks, onions, scallions, shallots. Su vegetarianism originates from Hinduism.

A fruitarian is a person who eats plant foods which can be gathered or harvested without harming or killing the plant e.g. apples and pears can be eaten without the apple or pear tree dying. This includes fruits, nuts, seeds and some other parts. On the other hand, a carrot cannot be harvested without killing the plant.

This is probably one of the strictest types of vegetarian diets around.

Vegans do not eat any animal products at all, including eggs, dairy products, as well as processed foods which contain substances derived from animals, such as gelatin. Even honey is excluded.

To a large extent, veganism is more than just a diet, but also a lifestyle - some vegans do not use any animal products at all, not even for clothing or other purposes. They would often also be against practices such as animal testing in laboratories and modern commercial livestock farming methods.

A dietary vegan only adheres to the diet portion of veganism.

Raw Veganism
A raw vegan is a vegan who only eats raw foods.

Some define a raw vegan diet as one which consists of unprocessed foods which have not been heated above 46 degrees Celsius or 115 degrees Fahrenheit. The rationale is that foods which are heated above this temperature lose a significant portion of their nutrients, and can even become harmful to the human body when consumed.

I hope this page has given you a good overview of the many different types of vegetarians.

Were you aware that there are different types of vegetarians? Do you now have a clearer idea of the different types of vegetarians?

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