Why People Become Vegetarians - the reasons

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There are quite a few different reasons why people become vegetarians.

  • Health reasons
    This is apparently the main reason why people choose to be vegetarians.

    Fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and sprouts contain many important nutrients and phytochemicals which protect us against disease and promote vibrant health and vitality.

    Animal food products, on the other hand, are responsible for a whole array of deadly diseases, including cancer, heart attacks, and stroke. This is down largely to the high levels of cholesterol and saturated fats in them, as well as their lack of fiber and other important nutrients.

    Animal food products today also contain many harmful microorganisms and substances, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, mercury, PCBs, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, etc.

    Even if one does not wish to go fully or even partly vegetarian, it would still be very wise to consider cutting down on the amount of animal-based foods consumed. For more information on the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, click here.

  • Food preferences
    Why people become vegetarians - some people actually prefer the taste of plant-based foods and dishes, and / or they dislike eating meat.

  • More economical alternative
    Why people become vegetarians - some do it because it is cheaper. Meat is usually significantly more expensive than plant food. While organic fruits and vegetables can be rather costly, they are still cheaper than organic meats.

  • Upbringing, culture and tradition
    Why people become vegetarians - some were raised as vegetarians and never before ate meat.

    Also, some families or societies may be entirely vegetarian.

  • Religious beliefs
    Why people become vegetarians - some do it for religious reasons.

  • Belief that humans are meant to be vegetarians
    Some people believe that human beings are designed and made to be vegetarians. Click here for a discussion on whether we are really wired up to only eat plant foods.

  • Compassion for animals, animal rights, ethical and humanitarian reasons
    Another reason for the choice of vegetarianism - compassion for animals, ethical, animal rights or humanitarian reasons; also the belief in non-violence i.e. animals are living creatures which feel pain when hurt or killed. This point is more poignant considering that modern-day commercial farming methods are cruel and derogatory when compared to raising livestock on open farmland.

    For more information on this point, read the page on the various advantages of vegetarian diets.

  • To help alleviate world hunger issues, and to place less strain on the Earth's resources
    Another good reason why people become vegetarians is the knowledge that the production of animal food products is using up a lot of plant foods and water which can otherwise be used to feed starving human beings. The animal food industry is thus very directly contributing to world hunger issues.

    For more information on this point, read the page on the various advantages of vegetarian diets.

  • To reduce pollution on the Earth's environment
    Why people become vegetarians - the belief that the production of meat and other animal food products is causing significant environmental damage.

    The modern livestock industry's farming methods, which have been put in place to meet the huge demand for meat in the first world today, is definitely putting a huge strain on the environment.

    It is contributing significantly to air pollution, water pollution, land degradation, soil erosion, loss of biodiversity in the environment, as well as climate changes.

    Again, for more information and a more detailed explanation on this point, read the page on the various advantages of vegetarian diets.

    For more information on the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, click here.

    Did you enjoy reading about why people become vegetarians? Are some of the reasons why people become vegetarians rather intriguing?

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    Being a vegetarian does not have to be difficult. In fact, it should be simple, healthful and fun. Meals can be delicious, too. Click here for a step-by-step guide to a vegetarian lifestyle, which will help you to make a simple transition to a healthier diet.

    Also, if you wish to learn how to lose weight quickly and healthily with simple, cheap and easy vegetarian meal plans, click here.

    And if you love Chinese food or wish to learn healthy, delicious, natural, gluten-free Chinese vegetarian recipes which you can easily prepare at home, click here.

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