How Effective is Fruit Detoxification?

Are you wondering if fruit detoxification works?

Using fruits for detox and cleansing is one of many ideas that have become more popular as new awareness towards health slowly begins to emerge and evolve. As the name would suggest, any fruit detox program centers around consuming fruits, usually in the form of a fruit fast.

As with any program, there are many variations, but they all center around the same basic idea. This article will look at some of the fundamental points that you can apply to any fruit detoxification program, and many other detox routines as well.

Is A Fruit Detoxification Effective?

As has been mentioned, there are always many variations of a general program that vary greatly in quality. For the purpose of looking at the benefits, we will assume a more balanced program that involves consuming a wide variety of fruits, in sufficient quantity to provide the body with nutrients. Any program that espouses a single tool, such as a single super-fruit as the ultimate tool for all bodily issues, should immediately raise a red flag.

A person who has been living the normal western lifestyle complete with consuming heavy, toxic foods on a daily basis is obviously doing a great disservice for their body's health. Any program, such as a fruit detoxification, that reduces or eliminates this factor is fundamentally sound in the sense that if you want to fix a problem, you have to stop doing the things that caused or contributed to the problem.

In addition, consuming a wide variety of fresh fruits will flood the body with natural nutrients that most people's lifestyles are almost devoid of. Furthermore, many fresh fruits have mild detoxification properties. So in this sense, it is fundamentally sound because in order to fix a problem, you have to start doing things that will help counteract the problem.

One big benefit of incorporating more fruits into the diet is that a healthy body is one that is in a slightly alkaline state. A healthy diet is one that contains an ample quantity of alkaline-producing foods to counteract and flush acids from the body. With a couple of exceptions, fruits and vegetables are your alkalizing foods. Breads, meats, dairy products, refined sugar, and basically everything that composes the modern diet is acidifying in the body. A chronically acidic body creates the optimal environment for many diseases, so obviously taking steps to correct this will be very beneficial.

The most effective fruit detoxification program would involve consuming a wide variety of fruits in order to provide the best possible range of nutrients and other healing properties. Fresh fruits (produce in the supermarket is generally a hit-and-miss deal, because you really don't know how fresh it is) are vastly superior because the nutritional content of produce decreases the fastest as freshness decreases. Organic produce is superior because you want to avoid all the chemicals that commercial produce is grown and processed with.

For these reasons, a fruit detoxification program is a big step up compared to the lifestyle most people are living. Because of this, many people will see some positive results from a program that follows these guidelines.

The Downside Of Fruit Detox

The truth is that many programs take one good aspect, or one good idea, and focus solely on it. Many new detox programs focus solely on one aspect, while ignoring numerous other aspects that are significantly important, just as important, or even more important.

Furthermore, many programs take one idea or aspect and focus on it far beyond the point of usefulness. For example, fish oil provides omega-3 fatty acids, which is an essential nutrient that most people are greatly deficient in. Correcting this problem will be very beneficial, but mega dosing on omega-3 will not provide any significant benefit.

One issue that can occur with a fruit detoxification is that the high amount of sugar, even with it being a natural sugar, can have negative effects. It can especially be a downside for people who are more sensitive to high amounts of sweet foods.

Balance is an important concept in natural health, and in a healthy balanced diet, sweet fruits are balanced by vegetables that are not-so-sweet, or even slightly bitter. So with the exception of some rare and specific circumstance, any fruit detoxification program would be significantly improved by balancing sweet fruits with a range of vegetables.

An even more significant issue is the one that was just mentioned; many programs take a good idea and focus solely on it while ignoring all others. Doing nothing but a fruit fast ignores the many other aspects essential to a powerful detoxification and healing program. A holistic natural healing program addresses a wide range of essential issues such as colon cleansing, kidney cleansing, the liver, circulation, exercise, and more. It would be foolish to use only one tool when you can use many other tools and greatly multiply your results.


Many fruit detoxification programs are based on sound fundamental ideas. Compared to many fad detox programs that are floating around, a solid fruit detox program scores decently.

However, compared to a holistic program that utilizes numerous powerful tools and addresses multiple essential issues, a fruit detoxification gets itself soundly trounced. In other words, some of the ideas in solid fruit detox programs are very beneficial as a part of a larger and more powerful holistic program. But they are just that - a part.

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How Effective is Fruit Detoxification?

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