Indoor Allergies - Discussion and Tips

Do you suffer from indoor allergies?

Many of us are afraid to step outside in the spring and summer months due to our allergies. We fear that the pollen count and the air thick with potential allergens will cause our symptoms to come back all over again as they did the previous year.

While that fear is certainly real for many, there is actually a great deal of people who suffer from allergies which are indoor in nature. In many cases, the individuals who suffer from such allergies may not even realize it, or certainly not be able to trace the source.

An indoor allergy can be the most complex in some cases, as it is not limited to a certain time of year and there is much more work required on the part of the sufferer to avoid common triggers.

Cold Out, Allergies In

Indoor allergies can rear their ugly head in the coldest part of winter. This happens because the windows are closed to block out the cold air; however, this means that the very source of your allergy problems is looming around you, causing some terrible symptoms.

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With no fresh air circulating, the sources of your allergies are trapped and you may feel the very worst of your symptoms and have trouble figuring out why. There are some rather obvious allergy triggers such as dust, but then there are also some less common sources that can trouble an individual their whole life through.

Alternatively, as the warmer months arrive and we follow our inclination to open the windows and let the fresh air in, we risk the possibility of allergens slipping in and contaminating the very house we consider to be a safe haven. It may seem like a no-win situation for an indoor allergy sufferer!

Tracking the Source

There is one common source that seems to be linked to so many different indoor allergies, and that is dust mites. Dust is a very common allergen and can be the root or the catalyst to so many other allergies that one may suffer from. Dust mites can loom throughout the house, so keeping a clean house is imperative.

The less the potential dust build-up, the less likely a flare up is to occur. It helps to use cleaning agents that have limited amounts of chemicals (or, better still, none) as you dust your house, as these chemicals can often tend to contribute to the allergy problem itself.

Remember, though, that dust is not always just the visible type that you see building up on a coffee table - dust mites loom in places you would likely not think of them. Your mattress is a very common place that dust mites can settle, and so the bed you sleep on which provides you such comfort can be the very source of what troubles you with your allergy problems. Finding an appropriate allergy mattress cover and flipping your mattress are great ways to prevent dust mites from building up there.

The Family Pet

Pet dander is another common cause of indoor allergies. However, the misconception is that the allergy is linked to the pet’s hair directly - this is not the case. The allergy stems from the pet’s dander, which is the dead skin that flakes up in a way similar to dandruff. This has nothing to do with an animal being clean, as all breeds are capable of producing this dander, which can cause a very severe allergic reaction.

As there is really no such thing as a hypoallergenic breed, if you suffer from indoor allergies, it may be worth considering if keeping a pet in your home or visiting a friend’s house with a pet is worth risking the reaction. However, if you are a true animal lover, do your best to minimize contact and, at the very least, avoid allowing the animal to sleep in bed with you, as that can allow the dander to build up.

Another “family pet” that can cause an allergic reaction is the cockroach. Though this is not a welcome fixture to any home, they do loom in the most unlikely places. The protein produced in the droppings of this pest can cause a very severe allergic reaction in some. Keeping a clean house and blocking off any potential entries is your best weapon in combating this pest and any potential allergic reactions.

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