Useful Foods for Kidney Detox and Cleansing

Periodic kidney detox is very useful for good health because the kidneys perform an extremely important detoxification function within the human body by filtering by-products of metabolism and digestion.

All the important minerals and compounds are absorbed by the kidneys and toxins and waste products like urea and ammonia are excreted. In addition to this, the kidneys also help control the sodium, sulfur, and phosphate levels in the body. Excess minerals and salts are thrown out via urine so that there is no toxin build up in the human body.

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A natural and easy way to ensure that the kidneys are functioning to their maximum level is to drink around 10-12 glasses of water daily and to pass out urine when the bladder is full, without holding or controlling the need to pass urine. Indeed, drinking sufficient amounts of pure water is the best and most natural method of constant kidney detox. It's cheap, too.

Odorless and colorless urine is an indication of the kidneys functioning well without accumulation of any particular minerals, salts etc. This will also help fight urinary tract infections if there is any possibility.

A simple way of kidney detoxification is to include lots of herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. For people suffering from kidney problems, high or low blood sugar conditions, diets rich in protein are not advisable since protein-rich diets could affect these conditions adversely.

Meat, chicken or any other protein-rich product will only add to the existing burden of filtering proteins and the kidneys could enlarge in the process of metabolizing these proteins. Hence, it would be advisable to stay away from protein-rich foods and to stick to raw fruits, vegetables, and herbs that help in adequate kidney functioning.

Fruits and vegetables act as natural cleansers because they are high in fiber and help in the digestion process. They are thus good for kidney detoxification. They also provide energy through various minerals, vitamins, and proteins that are well balanced. They are fat-free and natural and hence do not contain any preservatives, stabilizing agents, processed sugars etc. The system will thus find it easy to assimilate, digest, and absorb all their nutrients quickly and effectively.

Of course, organic fruits and vegetables are highly recommended. Click here to read about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Some of the fruits and vegetables specially recommended for kidney detox include grapes, cranberries, spirulina, spinach, blueberries, nettles, dandelion, parsley, ginger, millet, barley, tofu, string beans, and asparagus.


Any variety of organically cultivated fresh grapes is suitable for cleansing the kidneys. Grapes are a rich source of potassium, and potassium has the ability to stimulate alkaline blood regulation, ensure that the kidneys function optimally and maintain heartbeat.

Grapes also help in cleansing the liver and kidneys by flushing out waste products like uric acid. A tall glass of fresh grape juice without adding water and sugar, if taken in the morning or afternoon, will ensure adequate kidney functioning. One can also eat fresh grapes regularly if it is not possible to run these in the blender everyday. Either way, grapes included in the regular diet help in kidney cleansing and detox.


Cranberries are a rich source of quinine, which converts itself to another chemical constituent called hippuric acid in the liver. This hippuric acid helps in the elimination of toxins like urea and uric acid which have a tendency to accumulate and cause several disease conditions. A cup of cranberries run through the blender with an adequate amount of water and one spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice will help work effectively as a kidney detox mechanism.

Nettle & Dandelion

Nettle soup or dandelion herbal teas are extremely effective in cleansing the kidneys and flushing out toxins. Herbal teas can be consumed two or three times per day.

Ginger Root & Turmeric Tea

Ginger root is another extremely effective kidney detox and, for maximum benefit, one can add turmeric to the mix since turmeric has some excellent antiseptic properties too. Ginger root peeled and boiled with two to three pinches of turmeric powder, strained, filtered and consumed can work effectively in flushing toxins out from the kidneys. This tea can be consumed twice everyday post lunch and dinner since it is good for digestion, too.

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