Health Benefits of Organic Food

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There are numerous health benefits of organic food which we can reap if we choose to start eating organic.

Higher nutrient content and concentration

Obtaining better nutrition is one of the main benefits of eating organic foods.

Organically grown fruits and vegetables contain higher nutritional content than commercially farmed produce. Different studies have shown organic produce to have nutritional concentrations ranging from 30% more to 3 times as much as their commercially grown counterparts.

Organic produce have more nutrients because they are grown in good quality soil. Further, because the growth of conventional produce is usually artificially sped up using chemicals, they tend to contain more water and less actual solid food content.

Not only does organic produce have more vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients, it retains the nutrients for longer periods of time.

The truth is, many of today's fruits and vegetables only have a fraction of the nutritional concentration they once had 50 or 100 years ago. This is due largely to the depletion in soil quality worldwide, caused mainly by modern conventional farming methods and other human activities.

Being more nutritious is one of the main health benefits of organic food, and by eating organically grown produce, we are at least maximizing our nutrient intake.

Free of harmful chemicals used in farming, or at least much less of it

Another of the significant health benefits of organic food consumption is the absence of harmful synthetic chemicals, in particular chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Extensive amounts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used in commercial farming. Hundreds of different kinds of synthetic pesticides, totaling hundreds and hundreds of millions of pounds (possibly billions), are used annually. Chemicals are also used to make commercially grown vegetables grow faster and ripen quicker.

Studies have shown that the majority of commercially grown fruits and vegetables have detectable levels of pesticide residue on them. Even fish and cereal bars have pesticide residues too.

Even illegal or banned pesticides are showing up in our food and water. Some commercial farms may be breaking the rules, or the banned substances may be making their way back into the country via crops grown in countries where they are not banned. Ironic, isn't it?

There are different kinds of pesticides, and those which are fat-soluble would be stored in our bodily tissues after consumption, causing long-term damage.

No matter how hard to wash or soak your produce, you would still be consuming at least some of these chemicals. Even a simple apple is said to have over 20 different kinds of pesticides on it!

For many of these chemicals, their harmful effects are not yet known. As far as I am concerned, it is far better to eat foods which are made in their pure forms by nature, rather than to ingest foods which are choke-full of man-made artificial substances.

One of the key health benefits of organic food consumption is the avoidance of these toxins.

Much less likely to carry dangerous diseases

Yet another of the important health benefits of organic food is that they are much less likely to come with harmful microorganisms which cause very serious illnesses.

Studies have shown that organically grown produce have lower incidences of harmful bacteria, such as E.Coli. This may at first seem counterintuitive, since organic farming does not use chemicals to kill harmful organisms.

However, the improved food cleanliness and safety is likely down to the overall hygiene of organic farming practices.

Free of, or less, chemicals used as additives, flavorings and preservatives in processed foods

Even for processed foods, such as crackers, bread, chips, canned foods, etc, there exist health benefits of organic food varieties, most notably, the absence of artificial substances.

Conventional processed foods which are not organically certified contain many harmful chemical flavorings, preservatives and additives.

Look at the ingredients list of organically certified foods - they are usually shorter, and the ingredients are usually things which you have heard of before, and can pronounce.

On the other hand, many typical foods on the shelves of most supermarkets have very long ingredients list, and many of the ingredients are unpronounceable chemical names! As far as I'm concerned, I don't want to be putting too much of these unknown and probably harmful substances into my body on a regular basis.

These conventional foods are usually stuffed with preservatives, to extend shelf-life and hence increase profitability.

Many of these chemicals have been shown to cause a host of health conditions, including Alzheimer's disease, behavioral disorders, birth defects including premature births, obesity, and cancer.

The amount of poisoning we are carrying out on ourselves when we eat most conventional foods today is quite frightening.

No matter whether the health effects of these chemicals are known, the truth is, our bodies are not well adapted at all to them; for thousands of years, human beings ate fresh, clean foods, but suddenly in the last couple of hundred years, we are loading up on various harmful chemicals. The escalating rates of degenerative diseases tell their own story!

Again, avoidance of these harmful man-made chemicals is another of the key health benefits of organic food consumption.

Avoidance of genetically modified (GM) foods

Then there is genetic modification (GM) or genetic engineering, something which I am extremely uncomfortable with. When human beings cross the line in their tampering with nature, undesirable, even disastrous, consequences normally result.

Again, even if the health effects of genetically engineered or modified foods are still uncertain, I feel that our bodies would not be well adapted to them at all. In my view, the negative effects of GM foods on the body will likely take years, perhaps even generations, to surface.

But I am quite certain that negative effects will surface, sooner or later. Our bodies are supposed to eat natural foods, and react best to them.

GM foods, to me, are very scary. It is a dodgy path which we are trotting on.

And I see being able to avoid GM foods as one of the more significant health benefits of organic food consumption.

Maintenance of a healthy body weight

Most of the health benefits of organic food which I have discussed so far involve avoiding the harmful effects of most conventional foods. Now, one of the direct positive health benefits of organic food consumption is that you will be more likely to maintain a healthy weight.

This is because organic foods are nutritionally packed, and once your body's nutritional needs are met, you no longer feel hungry, and can stop eating.

The problem with many of today's diets is that they are filled with refined and junk foods which contain little more than empty calories and harmful chemicals. Because your body's nutritional needs are not met, it continues to crave for more food. The result? More eating, overeating, obesity, and a whole host of serious diseases.

There is some similarity here with the health benefits of consuming a vegetarian diet. (LINK)

Children, too, can experience the health benefits of organic food

Organic food products are especially beneficial for infants and children, as they are more susceptible to the harmful effects of chemicals at that young age.

Further, we would also want the foundation for their bodies at that young age to be constructed using the best and healthiest building blocks, with minimal contamination.

Overall physical health benefits of organic food

The overall physical health benefits of organic food - better nutrition and less risk caused by harmful substances - will positively impact your health in many ways.

You will feel better, have more energy, and have a stronger immune system. These translate to more vitality, and better efficiency and productivity in whatever you do, and hence higher chances of attaining success.

The quality and quantity of your life, as well as those of your family, will be greatly improved!

Mental, emotional and spiritual health benefits of organic food

Eating a healthy wholesome diet goes beyond mere physical benefits. It impacts mental and emotional aspects of your life too - you will find that even your moods and outlook of life will be improved! You may well become a happier and more enthusiastic person overall.

Because organic farming methods are in harmony with nature, and because organically grown produce does not contain harmful chemicals, you, too, will be living in harmony with your environment when you choose an organic diet and lifestyle. The result is not just better physical health, but also improved emotional and spiritual peace and wellbeing.

You will be at peace, because you know you are doing the best for your body, your family, as well as Mother Earth.

On the flip side, commercially grown produced is laden with artificial chemicals. Do we really want to put those chemicals into our precious bodies on a regular basis? Common sense tells us that our bodies, which are organic in nature, would react adversely to any forms of synthetic chemicals which are placed into it.

When we knowingly harm our bodies, our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing would also be compromised, whether consciously or subconsciously.


Finally, before I end off, please be mindful that not everything organic is good for health. Organic sweets can still cause problems. Organic butter will still contribute to clogged arteries. If you overeat on any kinds of food, you will still become overweight.

So, please exercise some restraint and practice some common sense. If you do that, then you will almost certainly be able to reap the health benefits of organic food.

Other than its health benefits, you may also like to read about the various advantages of organic food consumption and production.

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