Organic Food Benefits Children Too

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Organic food comes with significant health benefits to us, and most certainly, organic food benefits children too.

Feeding our children well; toxin avoidance is one of the crucial benefits of organic foods

Infants and children are at a stage of life where the foundations of their bodies are being laid. It is thus at that age that good quality, clean and nutritious foods are even more paramount.

The last thing one, as a parent, would want to do is to start feeding your children chemical-laden foods from a very young age. These chemicals remain in their bodies for years, even decades, and can manifest themselves in many dangerous illnesses later in life.

In fact, if you think about it, many of our young today are suffering from all sorts of diseases which were very rare a hundred years ago. The answer to this phenomenon lies very much in the bombardment of environmental toxins, a large part of which comes from food.

Letting children reap the health-promoting organic food benefits

For infants and children, their major source of chemical pesticide exposure is through their food. Research shows that their level of such exposure dropped quickly and significantly when they were switched from a normal diet to an organic one.

Of course, children also 'inherit' chemicals from their parents. For example, a pregnant mother who has mercury dental amalgams would be unwittingly 'feeding' toxic mercury to her unborn fetus, and this can manifest in conditions such as autism when the child is born.

Organic food health benefits include superior nutrition, and less damage via harmful chemicals. It is a double victory. Surely, as parents, if we can afford it, we would want to accord organic food benefits to our children.

Tips on realize organic food benefits on our children

Many parents may struggle at being able to feed their children 'healthy' foods; they always seem to prefer junk foods! Well, that is because we allowed them to develop those tendencies from a very young age.

One tip to realize organic food benefits on children is to introduce wholesome and health-promoting organic foods to them before the introduction of fat, salt and sugar-laden foods such as pizzas, soft drinks, doughnuts, etc. These foods influence taste buds, and they also have an addictive quality. Even adults get hooked on them, so children are definitely not spared either.

On the other hand, when one is on a regular diet of clean, wholesome and nutritious foods, one will not miss the unhealthy junk foods at all. Your body gets weaned off them. This applies to both children and adults, and you can try it if you do not believe me. In the case of children, if they have never even tried junk foods, then all the more they would definitely not crave them.

To keep your children interested, some of these suggestions may also be useful:

  • If you are making changes towards a healthier diet, go gradual. This applies to both solid foods and beverages. For example, don't start them off on celery juice straightaway and put them off forever. Start with the more palatable foods first; for instance, begin with apple juice, and then slowly increase the proportions of other juices, such as carrot juice or spinach juice.
  • Give them a variety of foods to try.
  • Let them have the healthy versions of some snacks, for example organic muesli bars. This prevents boredom or loss of enthusiasm.
  • You could slowly "trick" them into some changes. For example, when you slowly increase the amount of carrot juice you are adding to the apple juice, you are getting them to consume more carrots, although they probably won't be able to tell the difference at all.

    In general, children react better to role models than to verbal instructions or nagging. Thus, the parents and adults of the household would have to set a good example if you want to get your children to eat healthily.

    Preferably, it would be very nice indeed if an organic diet is an integral part of the whole family's lifestyle.

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