Organic Food Cost - how to lower it

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Most people generally have the preconception that organic food cost is a lot higher than so-called normal foods. This is true to a certain extent.

In general, organic produce and processed organic foods can range anywhere from 10 to 40% more expensive, or even more. This very much depends on where you are, and whether or not there are organic foods which are grown and produced locally.

Why is the cost of organic food higher?

We have to recognize that organic foods take a lot more time and effort, and thus incur more costs, in their production. Because current production levels are still much lower than conventional foods, there is also limited economies of scale.

In addition, organic foods often have to be processed in separate facilities, thereby further driving up organic food costs.

Also, due to limited sources, organic food products often have to be shipped in from faraway places.

In the case of animal products, costs are increased because they are fed more expensive food, and fewer of them can be bred per unit area of land. Their growth is also not artificially sped up using unnatural hormones.

Further, because no chemical preservatives are added, the shelf-lives of organic food products are shorter, and this disadvantage would have to be priced in, thus also contributing to higher organic food costs.

The relative cost of organic food isn't that great when we compare their true value to most conventional foods today

On the other hand, somehow, with mass production and the use of cheap and dubious raw materials, many very inexpensive food products and snacks are available for consumption.

Yet, in terms of quality and nutritional content, most of these cheap food products are actually very poor foods. On top of that, they also always contain harmful chemical preservatives, flavorings and additives. Not stuff you want to be consuming if you are health-conscious.

Think about it. If we consider the price of foods in relation to their quality and nutrient content, then the relative organic food cost is really not that high anymore. This is because organic foods have better nutrient concentrations that their non-organic counterparts. They also have higher dry mass content, as supposed to higher water concentrations in commercially farmed produce.

A direct consequence of the better nutrient content is that your body is better satisfied, nutritionally speaking, and you thus feel hungry less often and need less food to get by.

The main reason why obesity is such a big problem today is that most people are eating a lot of refined foods of very little or practically no nutritional value. The body is not nutritionally fulfilled and thus keeps sending hunger signals, and the person continues to eat more empty calories - cakes, white breads, potato chips, sugary snacks, etc. The results - spiraling weight, obesity, heart disease, cancer, etc.

By making organic foods the main part of your entire diet, you will find that you will need to eat less - this results in monetary savings. On top of that, when you cut down on junk foods, you will also save some money. When you take these savings into account, then the impact of organic food costs will not seem so severe.

It is my view that when one takes personality responsibility and begins to adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet - of course, this goes beyond merely eating organic foods - then one will naturally become stronger and healthier. In the long run, more savings - on doctor visits, drugs, surgeries, etc - will result.

Lowering absolute organic food costs

In terms of absolute dollars, yes, organic foods still cost more than most conventional foods today. However, we could take some simple steps to reduce one's personal organic food cost outlay.

Firstly, and very significantly, buy locally grown organic produce. Not only would they be cheaper, they are also fresher and possibly healthier.

I live in a climate where carrots, apples and oranges cannot be grown. Thus, I purchase imported produce, which costs a lot more - I'm also paying for the storage, shipping, etc.

In addition, by carrying out your purchases at local farmers' markets, you are skipping middlemen, thus further lowering your expenses. When I purchase locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, my organic food costs are actually not much higher than if I had purchased commercially grown produce.

Next is to learn to look out for bargains. When I visit health food stores, I sometimes spend hours scouring through the various products on display. Those which contain undesirable ingredients are immediately struck off.

Among the many health food products, there are some with pretty astronomical prices - usually, I don't buy them too. Instead, I look out for products which are much more reasonably priced. I sometimes find some gems!

Quite a number of food products I consume come from Eden Organic, an organic company, while Earthbound Farm provides a number of imported produce for me, including salads.

Sometimes, for certain types of foods, especially the dryer varieties which can keep for longer periods, buying in bulk would also help to bring your organic food cost down.

If you allow yourself to be flexible in your food choices and select items which are on sale, you would be able to benefit from even more savings.

Also, if you are able to locate one, then join a co-operative. Co-ops operate for the benefit of their members and are usually able to offer services and products at lower prices, with less price markup.

If you take these simple steps, you will be surprised that your expenses on organic food can be much lower than expected and kept at a pretty manageable level.


We can be pretty sure that as demand for healthy organic foods continue to grow, and organic farming and organic food products become more popular, economies of scale would help to bring down overall organic food costs.

The way I see, even though the prices of organic food are higher, it's an investment for good health.

Would we purchase poor quality petrol, and poor quality engine oil, which we know have harmful substances which would damage our cars, just because they are cheaper? Probably not.

Why then would we buy and consume poor quality foods on a regular basis, knowing they are doing harm to our precious bodies?

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