What is Organic Food?

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What is organic food? The use of the term "organic" does seem pretty interesting. Its original meaning, actually, could be one of the following:

  • Compounds or substances which contain carbon.
  • Something of plant or animal origin
  • Being, relating to, or referring to living organisms or living matter.
  • Having properties which are characteristic of living organisms or living matter.
  • Derived from or obtained from living organisms or living matter.

    Going by these basic definitions, virtually all food which is produced would be considered organic, wouldn't it? It would not be possible to produce, say, an inorganic apple, or an inorganic carrot, or raise an inorganic cow.

    What is organic food? Today, it is widely used, of course, as a labeling term or certification for food products which are produced in accordance with certain standards and regulations.

    Broadly speaking, the term "organic" today is often used to mean the following:

  • Simple, healthful, close to nature and the environment.
  • Relating to natural substances or products.

    What is organic food? - General explanation for plant foods

    Organic farming is a natural way of farming and it pays a great deal of attention to keeping the soil fertile.

    It also ensures the re-using and conservation of important resources, such as water and soil, keeping them clean and preserving (or even enhancing) their quality for continued use in the future.

    Organic produce are grown using organic farming methods, without the use of chemical or synthetic pesticides, including fungicides, herbicides and insecticides; fertilizers; or other harmful chemicals. These include fertilizers which are made from or contain petroleum products, sewage sludge or human waste.

    No chemicals are used to make the fruits and vegetables grow faster, or ripen faster, or grow bigger, or alter their taste and appearance, etc.

    Organic food products must not have artificial or chemical flavorings, colors or additives added.

    Organic food must neither have been irradiated, nor be biologically or genetically modified, nor have genetically modified organisms (GMO).

    What is organic food? - General explanation for animal-based food products

    Organically farmed animals are those raised without the use of antibiotics, drugs, artificial hormones, steroids, or other chemicals.

    They must not be the offspring of cloned or genetically modified animals.

    They are raised on open farmland and allowed to move and roam freely, getting their dose of fresh air and sunshine, as all animals should. They are also fed clean and healthy organic foods. Organic meat must also not be irradiated or processed with harmful chemicals.

    Commercially farmed animals are usually raised in cramped and filthy conditions, hemmed in and locked up practically like prisoners. They are also often fed unclean foods, including the innards of other animals, which are sometimes diseased.

    Processed commercial meat almost always contains sodium nitrate, which is a potent carcinogen.

    Animal-based food products, such as dairy products and eggs, must come from animals which are raised in this manner.

    "Free-range meat" means meat which came from animals which were allowed to roam, while "cage-free eggs" means eggs which came from hens which were not kept in cages; however, neither of these terms necessarily means that the food is organic.

    What is organic food? - General explanation for processed food products

    In addition to the above, organic processed foods, such as breads, crackers, chips, pastas, soups, etc, are free from chemical preservatives and additives, and a minimum amount of its ingredients (usually 95%) must be organically produced.

    Its ingredients must not be irradiated, genetically modified, or ripened artificially using chemicals.

    Conclusion - what are organic foods?

    What is organic food? In short, organic food is clean, safe, health-promoting, contain no synthetic chemicals, and grown in a way that is natural as possible, as intended by nature.

    Organic farming also means clean water and clean soil.

    From a technical point of view, organic foods must be certified by relevant agencies and authorities in their respective countries.

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