Benefits of Consuming Organic Meats

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The main benefits of consuming organic meats and other animal-based food products are that they come from healthier and cleaner animals.

Less risk of dangerous diseases

Due to cleaner living environments, there are fewer occurrences of dangerous disease-causing bacteria, parasites and viruses in organically raised farm animals.

In most animal farming facilities today, the poor animals are raised in cramped and filthy living conditions, and not allowed to roam freely or have exposure to fresh air and sunshine.

And diseases such as the avian flu and mad cow disease are largely caused by modern unhygienic animal farming practices.

By eating organic meat, we avoid these dangerous microorganisms.

Avoidance of harmful artificial chemicals

In additional, commercially raised animals are today given artificial hormones to enhance their growth; fed filthy and unclean foods, including sometimes the diseased parts of other sick and dead animals; and given antibiotics, drugs and steroids to deal with illnesses and disease.

Later, after the animals are slaughtered and sliced into pieces of meat, chemicals are added to help them keep longer, as well as to help them preserve a fresh and rosy look. Isn't the latter practice just sheer deception?

Processed meats, such as bacon, ham, sausages, etc, are the worst, because they have even more chemicals which act as preservatives; many of these chemicals are carcinogens.

When we eat meat and other animal food products from commercially raised animals, we are also ingesting all this rubbish and chemicals.

It's quite disgusting, if you ask me.

Organic meats come from healthier animals

Organically produced meat is healthier and more nutritious by virtue of the fact that it comes from healthier animals.

It all makes common sense to me, really, and I don't need complicated studies to prove this point to me. Organic meat comes from animals which are raised in proper living conditions. They are given healthy and clean foods, allowed to move and roam, have a good supply of fresh air and sunshine, and not given any artificial hormones, antibiotics, drugs or steroids.

I would imagine they have lower fat content, and are more nutritious in general.

More information on the food labeling of meats

For more information, "cage-free eggs" refers to eggs which came from hens which were not housed in cages, while "free range meat" refers to meat which came from animals which were allowed to roam in the outdoors. However, neither of these mean that the food products are organic. If you want meat that is organic, you would still have to look out for the certification.

Note that some animal food products may be labeled "natural", although this also does not mean the same thing as "organic".


All in all, when comparing organic meat to their commercially farmed counterparts, I don't think one needs to be a smart scientist to know which source of meat is of higher quality, is more health-promoting and less disease-causing.

Having said that, I am still concerned about the negative health effects caused by consuming meat and other animal-based food products. I feel that the consumption of these foods should be cut down drastically, if not stopped altogether. Click here to read about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet.

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Organic food is undoubtedly best for health. Wish to grow your own organic food? Click here to learn the secrets behind growing healthy organic food from someone who has been producing his own for over 17 years.

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