About Natural and Organic Food - some thoughts

by Webmaster, All4NaturalHealth.com

I was once teased about my obsession with natural and organic food products. I got a little agitated and remarked that, by right, all food, by default, should be produced using organic farming and production methods.

It doesn't use harmful chemicals. It produces healthful and nutritious food. It doesn't pollute the environment and ecosystems. It doesn't harm farm workers. It doesn't house animals in cramped, filthy and disease-promoting conditions. It doesn't produce food which contains chemicals that poison our bodies. It doesn't pollute our water supplies. It doesn't deplete our lands and cause soil erosion. It has much higher sustainability in the long run, for future generations.

Doesn't it make sense that organic farming and food production should be the conventional way of doing things, the norm? Shouldn't natural and organic food be the sustenance for the vast majority of people?

In my mind, food, by default, should all be organically grown and produced, and food products which are not organic should be labeled "not organic", or "contains artificial chemicals", or "unnatural", or "raised with use of growth hormones", or "grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides", or "genetically modified", etc. The list goes on - you get the drift.

But, no - as with many other things on this planet, things are upside down. In the world today, food is by default harmful, unless it is stated that they are "organic", i.e. that they are healthful natural and organic foods. How strange.

Eating natural and organic food is good for us, and makes perfect sense

Healthy living must be a holistic thing. And one's dietary habits form a significant part, if not the foundation, of a health-promoting lifestyle. And, really, the healthiest food you can get is natural and organic food.

Eating organic food makes perfect sense to me. After all, we wouldn't want to compromise on the quality of food we give to our pets, or the quality of engine oil we use in our cars, or the quality of furniture polish we use on our new living room set; so why would we want to give substandard food to our bodies, which are unarguably the most critical and irreplaceable physical resource we are given in this life?

Our bodies are organic in nature, and they are simply not adapted or suitable for taking in synthetic chemicals of all kinds. Whether you believe 100% in creationism - that God created people out of nothing overnight, or 100% in evolution - that humans evolved from one-cell organisms, or something in between, either way, our bodies do not like artificial food and chemicals!

This, to me, is very obvious. There are reasons for the escalating rates of deadly diseases, as well as the onset of conditions such as allergic reactions. How, then, do most of us deal with the problem? We use more chemicals - medicinal drugs. To me, this is unbelievable, and quite ridiculous.

Eating natural and organic foods provided by our environment is surely our only hope for better health, as well as for healing and recovery from diseases.

A word of caution regarding eating natural and organic foods

Just want to make a point here. It would be a mistake to think that, just because one is on a diet of organic foods, that one is definitely on a healthy diet.

Even within every different kind of diet, there is room for the good and the bad. If one eats a lot of fats and a lot of sugar from organic food sources, one would still be likely to develop dangerous diseases.

For related reading, click here to read about my thoughts on what a healthy vegetarian diet entails, and the disadvantages of adopting a vegetarian diet, which can also apply to organic diets.

Demand for natural and organic food is rising worldwide

There is literally a worldwide explosion in demand for organic natural food products. This is down largely to an increase in awareness.

People are beginning to realize the numerous dangers of chemical-laden foods and their link with our escalating rates of degenerative diseases. Correspondingly, supply is rising to meet demand. Variety of organic products is expanding, too.

It is said that the number of organic farmers worldwide rises by more than 10% each year, while the overall market for organic products grows by some 20% each year since the early 90s. From 2002 to 2006, worldwide sales of organic foods have almost doubled, increasing by almost 75%.

I can't verify these figures, but the gist is that, although the sales of organic foods still only form a small proportion of total food sales worldwide, the organic niche is getting larger, and still growing. Its growth figures significantly dwarf the growth figures of conventional food products, which is typically perhaps only about 1 to 3% per year in many countries.

And this is taking place in both developed as well as developing countries.

Returning to natural organic food is the future

Organic food production and consumption come with many advantages. In addition, there are also numerous health benefits of consuming organic foods.

As far as I'm concerned, in terms of long-term sustainability, both in terms of human health and the welfare of animals and the environment, organic farming methods is the only way to go. Human beings need to go back to basics - a return to producing and eating natural and organic food.

And that is what I feel is going to happen.

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Organic food is undoubtedly best for health. Wish to grow your own organic food? Click here to learn the secrets behind growing healthy organic food from someone who has been producing his own for over 17 years.

To access another resource, a "take-you-by-the-hand" manual which teaches you how to create and manage your own organic food garden, even if you're a newbie, click here.

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