Challenges of Eating Organic

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The main challenges of eating organic are probably to do with cost, availability, and social-related issues.

Firstly, while on an organic food diet, you will have limited choices of dining places; you won't be able to eat at over 90% of restaurants, cafes, etc.

You will also have a limited choice of snacks and finger foods.

In some areas, organically grown fruits and vegetables are virtually impossible to find. In that case, you may have to find ways to get them delivered to your place. In an extreme scenario, you may even have to consider moving to a place which is more organic-friendly.

Issues of availability strongly test your resolve and commitment of keeping to eating organic food. When one is hungry or in a hurry, that is when temptation really gnaws at you and begs you to just eat something - anything!

In some places, for example where I live, although organic produce and organic food products are beginning to be widely available, they are virtually all imported, and this increases their prices. I would thus have to be prepared to pay higher prices for organic foods, until the day more local organic foods become available.

In terms of social situations, by going organic, you will often find yourself in situations of dilemma.

For example, there would be social gatherings whereby you would be unable to eat the food. Do you bring your own food? Do you have your dinner first before turning up? Do you even turn up? Or do you compromise and have non-organic food for that one meal? These are some of the questions which you would have to ask yourself, and to find your own answers.

You will probably have to face questions and comments, and perhaps even some ridiculing, for your dietary choices. I did. At the very least, be prepared for some queries and to explain yourself.

These challenges are definitely surmountable. Don't give up! The advantages and health benefits of going organic are most definitely worth the trouble.

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