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This article discusses about scabies causes and modes of transmission, as well as other scabies information.

Scabies is a disease condition which is caused by infestation of parasitical mites called Sarcoptes scabiei. These parasites are miniscule and visible only when examined under a microscope or magnifying glass. Its physical characteristics are different from insects - it has eight legs, unlike insects which have six.

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A note about Discussion on Scabies Causes

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The length and diameter of each mite is about one third of a millimetre and about one tenth of a millimetre respectively.

Although it is very small, this organism can cause a great deal of irritation to the skin, as it burrows into the top surface of the epidermis and causes severe itching therein, particularly so at night.

The intense itching which the infected person suffers can be debilitating, leading to discomfort and even severe depression if left untreated. In addition, scabies causes a red rash which can be painful.

This condition also spreads very quickly to all parts of the body.

Can scabies be caught? Transmission of scabies causes

Can scabies be caught? The answer is yes.

Scabies is very contagious and spreads very quickly and easily from person to person via skin contact, or by sharing items of clothing or other household articles like bed linen, pillows, towels, etc.

Even without actual contact, being in the vicinity of an infected person is enough, though this is rare.

However, the most common method of transmission of scabies is via sexual contact and the demographic of population that is most susceptible to scabies is the young population.

The disease can also spread from mother to child, or contact between infected and non-infected person via hugging, embracing, etc.

School, other learning environments, and work places may not provide a platform for such close physical contact. Hence, sexual contact is the primary method of scabies transmission though there are chances that it can be contracted through subtler contact methods like sharing bed linen, clothes etc, with an infected person.

Discussion about Mites from Pets

Is one of the possible scabies causes mites which originate from pets?

When itching or rashes is contracted by any family member in homes that have pets like dogs and cats, it may immediately be connected to and thought to be associated with living in close proximity with a canine or feline being within the environs of the home.

However, it must be noted here that the mites that thrive on cats and dogs are of a slightly different variety from scabies-causing mites, and they generally fail to thrive or propagate on human skin. This is contrary to the scabies condition in humans that simply gets exacerbated progressively till it is treated.

Possibility that Scabies causes Epidemics

Also, though this is less likely, another section of the demographic profile of elderly people residing in nursing homes may contract the disease and be a host to the scabies parasites without manifesting acute symptoms like intense itching and rash.

In such cases, since there may be a delay in identifying and commencing treatment, the disease could spread in an epidemic-like manner among inmates and healthcare workers in the home or institution.

This type of occurrence is, however, very rare.

Prompt Diagnosis and Treatment of Scabies

The disease has to be diagnosed as quickly as possible since the mechanism of multiplication of the parasite is swift and can exacerbate exponentially in short timeframes.

This is because the scabies infection is transmitted when the fertilized female mite digs into the skin within half an hour of mating and creates burrows in the skin surface. Due to its short lifespan of 24 hours or so, the female mites die immediately after laying the eggs.

The gestation period for the eggs to turn into full blown mites is about three weeks, after which the new colony of mites have the ability to reproduce. From the stage of hatched egg to mature mite, the ensuing time-span for mites is two weeks.

A lot of trauma and suffering is undergone by the patient if the disease is not diagnosed quickly and treated. Thus, the condition should be quickly dealt with before scabies causes more problems.

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