Natural Remedy for Hives - Herbal Cures, Home Remedies and Other Treatments

Are you seeking an effective natural remedy for hives?

Breaking out in hives can be a frustrating and uncomfortable condition to suffer. Oftentimes, going to the doctor offers little relief, since there are few things that doctors can do for you unless you know what is causing the hives to begin with.

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A note about Natural Remedy for Hives - Herbal Cures, Home Remedies and Other Treatments

In natural health and healing, we believe in holistic health and healing, as we realize that different parts of the human body are highly interlinked, often beyond Man's understanding. We also believe that the body has the ability to heal itself of any disease, even supposedly incurable diseases.

In order to do so, the body needs the support of some basic dietary and lifestyle good health habits, such as a full body detox and a proper understanding and application of nutrition. No matter how remote or unrelated a health condition may seem, these fundamental health steps will greatly magnify the effects and benefits of any of our health-promoting efforts, including the use of specific natural health remedies.

Many people prefer to treat their hives at home with natural remedies. So what are some good home remedies for hives?

Cool Compress

Sometimes, applying a cool compress to your hives can help relieve the pain and itching. You can make this home remedy for hives by wrapping some ice cubes up in a towel and applying them with minimal pressure to the hives. If you find this to be too cold for your skin, you can leave the ice cubes in the towel for a few minutes, then get rid of the ice cubes and wring out the excess water, before applying the damp towel to your skin.

Milk of Magnesia

Milk of magnesia, which is an alkaline solution, can also be helpful as a remedy for hives, in providing relief to the itchiness that the hives bring. You can apply the milk of magnesia directly onto the hives using a cotton ball, and then allow the liquid to air dry.

Cornstarch and Oatmeal Baths

Cornstarch and oatmeal can both be added to bathwater to help ease the pain and itchiness of hives. Fill the bathtub halfway full of warm water and add 1/2 cup of cornstarch and 1/2 cup of baking soda to the water. Try bathing at least once a day in this mixture to obtain relief. You can also add 1 cup of oatmeal to the bathwater instead of the cornstarch. If you have long hair, however, you should try to keep it up, as both oatmeal and cornstarch can be difficult to remove.

Oatmeal Paste

Another natural remedy for hives is the use of oatmeal as a paste on your skin. Fix a bowl of oatmeal the same way as you would if you were going to eat it, and add about 1 teaspoon of honey to it. Apply the mixture directly onto your skin. It is best not to let it dry completely, as it can be difficult to remove, but leaving it on for around 20 minutes should be helpful in relieving some of the discomfort.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another soothing substance that has healing properties and is a useful herbal remedy for hives. The fresh extract is the best, but if this is not available to you, then you can purchase an aloe vera cream as well. Aloe vera cream will not only help provide your skin with relief, but can also help it to heal as well.

Herbal Teas

There are several different kinds of tea that can help promote relaxation and soothe your nerves, which can be particularly important if you are breaking out in hives due to stress. Chamomile tea and valerian tea are good for this, as is peppermint tea.

Nettle tea can provide pain relief and some relief from the itching. You can add lemon to the nettle tea in order to provide some flavoring to it. Indeed, these herbs and herbal teas are a potentially useful form of natural remedy for hives.

Consistent Temperature

If you have broken out in hives, it is important to try to keep your body at an even temperature, as heat can make the breakouts worse. Cover yourself and your hives when you are out in the sun, and try not to overheat, especially in the bathtub.


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