Water Fasting Diet - How Effective is Water Detoxification?

As the name would suggest, a water fasting diet consists of a fast where nothing except water is consumed. As with all ideas, there are many variations, but the basic premise is the same for all.

With more people starting to become more aware of the importance of looking out for their health, it is normal that many new ideas will rise and fall in popularity. Right now, water fasting seems to be a fairly popular method for seeking to detoxify the body. And as with all emerging new ideas, it is important to separate the good ones from the bad ones.

Is a Water Fasting Diet Effective?

Certainly, it would be hard to find some detoxification programs that do not have any good points whatsoever. The idea behind a water fasting diet is based on some good ideas. It is very true that most people are chronically dehydrated, and consume enough water to survive, but not nearly enough to be healthy.

Thus, the idea of giving the body more pure water and eliminating the unhealthy liquids that most people consume daily is a fundamentally sound idea. And if you are one of those people that has been chronically under-hydrated, then correcting this is absolutely an important step towards reclaiming your health.

Providing the body with ample amounts of water is an essential component for detoxification, especially when it comes to having your kidneys function healthily. In addition, the concept of reducing or eliminating the toxic burden that most people place on their body each day is fundamentally sound. No matter what detoxification program you use, consuming sufficient amounts of pure water is non-negotiable.

The Dark Side Of a Water Fasting Diet

People often have the tendency to take good ideas into the extreme, especially during times where new ideas are rapidly emerging. One way that this happens is to take one good idea, or one aspect of a good idea, and to focus solely on that, often to the point of ignoring other aspects that are just as important, and sometimes even more important.

It is like a person who has never cleaned a house before, and has an epiphany where they realize that cleaning the bathroom is important for having a healthy house. So they wind up focusing only on the bathroom, and ignoring everything else.

Certainly, consuming ample amounts of healthy water is essential to health and to any good detoxification program. But common sense should reveal that there are other essential elements to any detoxification program as well.

One of these is that your body always needs a healthy supply of nutrients to function, and it especially needs this to get an ideal detoxification and to heal the body. Water is essential, but it contains no nutrients. There are no benefits to depriving your body of healthy sources of nutrients, and it should be easy to see that there are many downsides. Certainly, it is very beneficial to reduce or eliminate the heavy, unhealthy foods that most people consume daily. But going into the opposite extreme and eliminating all sources of nutrition is just as silly; in this regard, a water fasting diet is lacking.

Furthermore, if your goal is to get the most powerful detoxification possible, it makes no sense to use 1 tool, and ignore 20 other tools that are just as important. Getting ample amounts of healthy liquids is essential to powerful detoxification, but so are many other things. These include things like colon cleansing, kidney cleansing, liver cleansing, improving circulation, and many other things. It is foolishness to ignore all of these things, and to think that one tool is the best for addressing all of these things.

The point is not that it is impossible to get any results by using only water fasting diets as a tool. For some people who have been chronically dehydrated, addressing this will certainly change some things, and that person will probably feel much better if they continue to consume healthier amounts of water.

However, there are many other areas where just fasting for a few days on water simply won't cut it. Believing this is like a construction worker who thinks that his hammer and nails are all he needs to build a good house. The competent construction worker knows that there are many essential tools, and the smart natural healer knows there are many important aspects to natural healing, and certainly to cleansing and detox, other than just water fasting diets.

Summary on Water Fasting Diets

As has been outlined, consuming ample levels of healthy liquids is essential, so there are certainly benefits to addressing this aspect. However, there are no benefits to ignoring the many other essential aspects of natural healing, and there are no benefits to temporarily ignoring them either. In fact, there can be many negative consequences.

It is also foolish to focus only on one tool and ignore the other tools, or to think that one tool can optimally do the job of other tools. For the most powerful detoxification program, look for a holistic program that utilizes many tools and addresses a wide range of issues, and not just a water fasting diet.

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj explores numerous ideas related to disease and chronic dehydration in his book, Your Body's Many Cries For Water. However, always keep in mind that just because an idea can produce good results does not mean that it is the best program; it does not mean that there aren't other ideas that are far more powerful. There are many powerful ideas related to water therapy and water detoxification, but the most powerful natural healing programs incorporate these ideas as one part of the whole.

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