5 Day Detox Diet - Tips and Suggestions

Are you thinking of undertaking a 5 day detox diet? The pointers and suggestions outlined in this article may be useful to you.

Modern life is hectic and full of activities. Thus, for many people, committing to a detoxification diet for a sustained period of time, say a month, might be too intimidating a commitment to make.

The good thing is, there are "lighter" cleansing and detox diets which can provide similar effects and benefits, but last for a shorter period of time. These diets are easier to try out and can be motivating because one can still experience visible health benefits, after which it would be more likely to make a long-term commitment to detoxification and healthier living in the future.

Of course, one must also exercise expectation control. A five or ten day diet or detox plan will not be as effective or bring about as dramatic changes as, say, a month-long program. After all, we have been putting additional toxins into our bodies daily for years, if not decades!

Taking a 5 day detox diet which comprises a wide variety of natural foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, sprouts, fresh juices, etc can be a good cleansing experience. Natural, whole foods are highly nutritious and beneficial to the body. Only foods which are preservative and chemical free should be used. It would thus be important to use organic food. Organic food is not only cleaner, but also has higher levels of nutrients.

The 5 day detox diet requires that certain food items be eliminated during the course of the diet plan, such as caffeine, tea, alcohol, hot chocolate and aerated soft drinks. Processed fats such as margarine and butter should also be avoided.

Refined sugar is perhaps the biggest no-no and should definitely be eliminated during the diet plan. In fact, it should be avoided whether or not one is doing a detox program.

Animal protein such as red and other cured meat should not be consumed, while items such as cheese, yoghurt and milk should also be excluded. In fact, it would be highly ideal to go on a vegetarian diet to reap the maximum benefits of detoxification.

If you can, go raw too, and you will experience even greater cleansing. Click here to read about the detox effects of a raw food diet, or click here to read about the raw food detox diet.

Another aspect of the 5 day detox diet program is to take more frequent but smaller meals in an effort to cleanse the bodily systems and provide the rewards of detoxification, high-energy, weight loss and better health.

I hope these pointers and suggestions will be useful to you in your quest for detoxification, cleansing and better health. Do note that, broadly speaking, they can also apply to a 7 day detox diet, 14 day detox diet, 21 day detox diet, 28 day detox diet, or even a 3 day detox diet.

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