The Raw Food Detox Diet

If you are electing to consume the raw food detox diet, it is time to put the grill pan and oven in the attic, and bring out the juicer and blender to the forefront of culinary activity.

A good raw food detoxification diet will ideally last a month for the benefits to accrue; however, it can be gradually started without attempting too much too soon at the onset. Long fasting periods on minimal raw foods are known to have cured a number of chronic illnesses; however, most people may not be able to weather the rigors of a raw-food-only detoxification program for extended periods of time.

A specific suggestion - Fruit Diet; Monotrophic Diet

This is one specific possible suggestion for the raw food detox diet.

While commencing a raw food detoxification diet, it is important to start with a monotrophic diet, which means you eat only one type of fruit at each meal, with three major meals a day. This would mean, breakfast could perhaps comprise of only melons - melons can be consumed as much as is required to feel satiated. All melons are good for raw food diet detoxification; this includes cantaloupe, gala, honeydew or watermelon.

At lunchtime, a good fruit to consume would be oranges, or only grapefruit, pineapples and plums. It is important to not mix the fruits, and eat only one fruit till hunger is appeased. At around 4 pm, it is recommended that a glass of fresh carrot juice be consumed, since the break until dinner time is a long one. For dinner, eat only apples, grapes or bananas (or any other fruit of choice).

At each meal, it is important to eat only one fruit at each meal, though there is no limit on quantity that can be eaten.

Another suggestion - Mix and Match

Another possible suggestion for the raw food detox diet is simply to eat a broad variety of different raw foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, fresh juices, etc. Make it a colorful diet to ensure that one obtains a wide spectrum of different nutrients.

Overall, it would still be a good idea to consume fruits and vegetables separately, at different meals or different times of the day, as they tend to interfere with each others' digestion.

Points to Note

While on the raw food detox diet, one can attend to light physical work / activity around the home or at the office. Lots of rest and sleep are recommended, to the extent possible.

There may be reactions such as dizziness, nausea, tiredness, etc. This is normal and not a cause for concern. The diet is acting on the toxin build up and a few symptoms will manifest and should be tolerated, since it will lead to a cleaner and much healthier you.

It takes immense commitment and willpower to undertake a raw food detoxification diet, but the rewards are immense in terms of the body's ability to flush out long-accumulated toxins, and weight loss is also one of the visible gains.

You may also see overall improvement of health and a clear chance of long-standing diseases and allergies clearing up post raw food detoxification diet.


Do note that the best detoxification effects are obtained through a vegetarian diet containing mostly (if not only) raw, organic plant-based foods.

All in all, raw food is linked to many health benefits, including weight loss and improved skin health. To read more about the detox effects of a raw food diet, click here.

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