Detox Juice Diet - About Juices and Juice Fasting

A detox juice diet, or juice fasting, is one of the more well known and popular ideas among more health-conscious individuals. Because of the emerging awareness towards health, there are naturally many, many programs that revolve around the basic concept of juice fasting. Some of these programs are solid, while others are not so much.

Potential Benefits Of Juice Fasting

The basic concept of juice fasting is fundamentally sound, because you are eliminating much of the toxic burden that modern lifestyles place on the body, and providing the body with many nutrients and health-boosting properties that it was previously lacking.

If a detox juice diet is done properly, it is a very powerful tool for detoxifying and healing. Within a more powerful, holistic detoxification program that utilizes numerous different tools, juice fasting is just one of many tools. However, as far as the numerous detox programs that only utilize one tool are concerned, a solid juice fasting program wins out over most of the competition.

One great benefit of juices is that they are the easiest form of food for the body to digest. This means that the body can devote more energy to detoxifying and healing. A wide variety of fresh juices is also a powerful source of natural nutrition. A person who has been living a modern lifestyle that is almost devoid of quality nutrition who switches to a detox juice diet program flooded with nutrients will obviously experience positive effects. Many juices also assist in cleansing and detoxifying the body in more direct ways.

Useful Juices For Detox Juice Diets

Citrus juices are a powerful option for juice fasting, because aside from the nutrients they provide, the organic acids in citrus fruits are powerful at flushing out inorganic acids in the body, such as those that build up in the joints and cause arthritis. While citrus is an acidic fruit, the acids convert to alkalizing substances in the body, so this acidic fruit is in fact highly alkalizing to the body. A body that is chronically acidified and is not alkaline is a breeding ground for disease, so this is a very good thing.

Wheatgrass is one of the more popular juices to use on a detox juice diet, and has many detoxifying properties. Other similar green juices and supplements that complement wheat grass nicely are barley grass, alfalfa grass, chlorella, and spirulina.

Grape and apple juices are great choices for detox juice diets when they are fresh and in season. While not as powerful as citrus for flushing inorganic acids, they are still highly effective if used consistently over a sufficient length of time.

Beet and carrot juices are also quite popular, and provide a great range of nutrients. Beet juice is a great blood builder, and is on the first row list of tools when it comes to anyone who has any sort of anemia related issues.

Fresh Juices Are The Key

While on a detox juice diet, using fresh / in season juices is key, and this usually means making them yourself with a juicer and fresh produce. The reason that fresh juices are key is because the biggest factor that erodes the nutritional content of produce is a loss of freshness.

Different fruits and vegetables degrade at different rates after harvest, so there is no set rule for everything. The best guideline is to buy the produce that is in season, and to get them as fresh as possible. Local farmers markets are an excellent resource to capitalize on.

A Variety Is Best

All juices have different nutrients and healing properties. In order to get the best results, use whatever you can get your hands on. The ideal program uses a variety that includes a wide range of colors: greens, citrus, bright colored fruits, earthy colors, etc.

While on a detox juice diet, it is also wise to seek a range of different types, such as roots, leaves, and fruits. Many new fad programs that are emerging promote a single type of juice, usually some exotic type, as the ultimate juice, or the ultimate health supplement. This is not the case; the most powerful natural healing programs that have passed the test of time never espoused the need to utilize exotic substances.

Any program that tries to promote a single, specific tool or routine as the ultimate tool, or the only tool that you will ever need should raise red flags in your mind. These exotic juices certainly have benefits, but so do dozens of other juices. Ignore the marketing hype, and let the people in the tropical jungles pick the noni and goji berries that grow in their part of the world, while you use the citrus and apples that grow in your part of the world.

Use Juice Fasting Within A Larger Program

Juice detox diets or juice fasting is a powerful tool, but so are many other programs. The most powerful natural healing program is always one that addresses many essential aspects such as colon cleansing, kidney cleansing, nutrition, etc, by using a wide range of powerful tools that are available.

If a juice detox diet is all that you can do at the moment, then by all means, do it! Your body will thank you. But if you have other tools available to you that you can compile together into a more powerful program, then don't limit yourself to a single tool such as juice fasting.

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