How to Build a Sauna at Home - Basic Sauna Building Plan

Are you wondering how to build a sauna? Here, a basic sauna building plan is outlined.

The first step in building a sauna is choosing a good location.

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A note about How to Build a Sauna - Basic Sauna Building Plan

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Once you have picked the spot, measure it out - you want a rectangular structure covering at least 45 square feet that's tall enough so you can stand up.

If you are building an outdoor sauna, check to see if there are any municipal by-laws that may place limitations on your sauna building.

Also, be sure to build the foundation below the frost line. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a damaged sauna once the frozen winter ground thaws out in the spring time.

Of course, the benefit of having an outdoor sauna in addition to an outdoor pool or hot tub is that you can use the sauna first to heat up before cooling off in your pool or hot tub.

How to Build a Sauna

Building a sauna at home will need expert help and the advice of an electrician. It is strongly recommended that one consult a professional electrician to build the sauna and not attempt constructing a sauna at home by oneself. It requires handling electrical connections, circuits, and sockets to be set up appropriately, hence it is important to take help from an able electrician.

The entire process of how to build a sauna needs an area which is 4 feet in length and at least 3 feet in width; the minimum height of the place should be not less than 6 feet. This is just about enough room for one person to stand comfortably.

If we are talking about how to build a sauna which is comfortably large enough, it would be ideal to assign at least 45 to 50 square feet of area which is about 9 to 10 feet in height. There would then be enough room to put a nice wooden sauna bed to rest on.

Material Requirements for Building a Sauna

  • Red heat bulbs - 4 (250 watts each)
  • Bulb sockets - 4
  • Switch board - 1 with on / off switch
  • Cord or wire to connect the bulb and switch
  • Medium-heavy duty male plug
  • Plywood piece - ½" thick measuring 40" in height and 15" in width
  • Wood screws - 8 to 10

    Steps and Pointers on How to Build a Sauna

  • Using the wood screws, fix the four red bulbs on the plywood board in the shape of a diamond in a length-wise manner. Hence it will look like a long and narrow diamond.

  • Use the wires to connect the bulbs in a parallel manner to avoid one fused bulb from ruining the entire set up.

  • Important point of how to build a sauna - it is safer to have an on / off switch on the board rather than plugging in the set up every single time with sweaty hands.

  • The entire sauna set up should be placed against the wall so that it has adequate support and will not fall.

  • Once the set up is switched on, extreme caution must be exercised and one should not touch the bulbs, the wires or the equipment except the switch to turn it off.

  • In case of little children, it is best to have a protective screen or build an enclosure to ensure that it is not accessible to anyone.

  • The enclosure could be made of cedar or any other softwood or plywood which can withstand heat and measure about 6 to 7 feet in height and about 5 feet by 4 feet in width.

  • The access to the enclosure can be a sliding door which will slide half way through and once inside one can slide it back to close the door. A three inch thick fibre glass can be used for the access door. It is also important to leave the top slightly open or ventilate it well to let the hot steam escape slowly.

  • It might also be a good idea to construct an outdoor sauna if it is permitted by the local municipal authorities in 50 to 60 square feet area that has access to water and power supply. A separate stand alone unit with a basic electric stove for heating would suffice.

  • These electric stoves have heated metal wires around the furnace in which one can keep igneous rocks or stones, which will not break from the heat when water is poured on them.

  • What is important, however, is that size of the electric stove should be proportionate to the area of the sauna room. What is needed is approximately one kilowatt power per 45 cubic feet of space. Hence, as the space increases, the electric stove needs to have increased kilowatt capacity.

  • It is advisable for an electrician to set up the heater and the light in the sauna room.

    I hope this brief article has given you an overall idea of how to build sauna. For more detailed sauna building plans, you may want to research further on the internet or books.

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