Main Causes of Stress - Common Triggers

What are the main causes of stress?

Everyone has stress in their lives. Work, family, bills and home… These are all things that can cause stress in people.

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A note about Main Causes of Stress - Common Triggers

In natural health and healing, we believe in holistic health and healing, as we realize that different parts of the human body are highly interlinked, often beyond Man's understanding. We also believe that the body has the ability to heal itself of any disease, even supposedly incurable diseases.

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In some instances, what causes one person stress can be nothing more than a nuisance to another. Many times, your stress levels depend on how you react to situations that can potentially cause you stress.

Just so you know, stress is any external factor that causes physical and emotional strain as a reaction. So, yes, even that really great party that you are looking forward to is stressing you, but it causes more of an excitement reaction, which is good.

We all need some stress, but with times being what they are, it often seems like too many of us suffer from overload, and that leads to extreme, prolonged stress.

While our stressors are different for all of us, the main causes of stress are usually the same. By pinpointing and learning to deal with the big stresses, a person can become healthier and stronger, while still being able to enjoy the positive stress situations in life.

So, what are some of the main causes of stress in our lives?

Some of the things that cause most people stress include situations such as losing a loved one, divorce, work problems, family issues, as well as financial problems. Relationships with others, health issues and getting pregnant are also considered to be main causes of stress.

Of course, some of these situations are unique, and only take place once in a while, and they will have to be dealt with in specific ways.

One of the most common, long term causes of stress, however, is trying to balance family with work and meeting the expectations of family members and employers. So, maybe you can relate to some of these, but are there certain situations that make you feel more stressed?

Stress Plus Stress Equals A Lot of Stress - The Compounding Effect

For instance, some people feel like when they begin to feel a little stressed, it will just compound from there. For example, imagine being in a situation where you are working on a big project that you needed to get done, but there was so much work that it seemed nearly impossible. At the same time, you have your young children home all day, making your work harder to do.

Now, the two things might have been tolerable if you had been able to stop your stress right there. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Your neighbor decided that she wanted to begin harassing you around this time, and the stress of all of these situations began to compound.

You became irritable at first. Perhaps you kept telling yourself that if you could just get through it, you would be okay. However, finally, one night, you nearly just broke down.

Perhaps you were feeling financially stressed, because you depended on the completion of the project so that you could get paid. This alone would have been an inspiration to you to complete the job quickly, but combined with the other two major causes of stress you were dealing with, the pressure became too much.

Such a compounding effect of many stressful factors is one of the main causes of stress to many of us. In such a situation, you probably need to recognize that it is time for you to regroup a little bit

Main Causes of Stress - Conclusion

While this is just one example of stress, you should realize that you don’t have to live at a heightened stress level your entire life. Maybe you won’t have a breakdown, but you will begin to feel exhausted. You will find that your performance levels drop, too.

Yes, modern life is amazingly fast paced, and that in itself is certainly one of the main causes of stress today.

So, the best first step in easing your stress is probably to prioritize your stressors. Too often, we are caught up with dozens of issues and matters that actually do not matter much at all.

Focus first on what is most important. In addition to other forms of stress management, this can help you to stay in control of your life and to ease your stress.

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