Seeking a Natural Sunburn Cure - Tips, Remedies and Treatments for Relief

Here are some tips and remedies to help you in your search for a natural sunburn cure.

Today, sun exposure is a common concern due to the decline of the Earth's valued ozone layer. The ozone layer protects the Earth from harmful ultra violet (UV) rays that have the ability to not only damage the skin, but actually cause diseases such as skin cancer.

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A note about Seeking a Natural Sunburn Cure - Tips, Remedies and Treatments for Relief

In natural health and healing, we believe in holistic health and healing, as we realize that different parts of the human body are highly interlinked, often beyond Man's understanding. We also believe that the body has the ability to heal itself of any disease, even supposedly incurable diseases.

In order to do so, the body needs the support of some basic dietary and lifestyle good health habits, such as a full body detox and a proper understanding and application of nutrition. No matter how remote or unrelated a health condition may seem, these fundamental health steps will greatly magnify the effects and benefits of any of our health-promoting efforts, including the use of specific natural health remedies.

It has been proven that just a single acute sunburn can almost double the chances of a malignant melanoma at a later time in life. It also intensifies chances of wrinkles early in life.

Sunburns can be dangerous and the pain can last days at a time. It is the worst between 6 to 36 hours, and is especially harsh on young children. While layers of injured skin eventually peel away, the redness darkens and then fades, the damage has been done and does not go away.

For your own safety, avoid the direct sunlight during the mid-day hours. And, whatever you do, stay hydrated - when in the sun, this is essential. While plenty of water will aid in the healing process, a lack of water will cause fatigue and a headache.

If symptoms such as fever, chills, headache, dizziness, swelling, nausea, discolored blotchy patches of skin, any visual changes, itching that seems extreme, or an over abundance of large blisters occur, you may want to consult a health care practitioner; at the very least, monitor what is taking place in your body. While symptoms of mild sunburn are less pronounced, the pain can be just as intense.

So what are some good natural sunburn cures and remedies for relief?

Hailed as a miraculous sunburn cure, the essential oil of lavender, gently rubbed in, is said to relieve pain within 30 minutes or less. The gel of aloe vera soothes, with its sterols containing anti-inflammatory properties as well as containing zinc, which is helpful with tissue regeneration.

Calendula has an anti-inflammatory action good for the reduction of redness. Use an infused tea of St John's Wort applied topically to the burned skin. As essential fatty acids will act as anti-inflammatory agents as well as nurture the pain receptors (nerve cells), incorporate flaxseed oil to help keep skin supple.

Take vitamin E and vitamin C, as both are antioxidants and can help with your search for a sunburn cure. Vitamin C is also necessary for collagen production.

For aid in sunburn reduction, lycopene and beta-carotene (both found in many fruits such as tomatoes) are said to decrease the effects of ultra violet rays. Add foods as well as supplements which contain omega 3 fatty acids to help reduce inflammation - these include salmon, olive oil, walnuts and almonds. Eat quality proteins such as lean meats (poultry), eggs and fish.

Apple cider baths of 1 cup vinegar to a tub of lukewarm water is said to help as a sunburn cure and remedy. Soak as long as the water is comfortable. Vinegar can be applied to a towel, wrung out, and applied to affected areas. Also, a spray bottle can be filled with the vinegar / water solution and sprayed over burned areas.

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