Warts and Moles - Features, Characteristics, Comparison

Warts and moles are not the same, although people who are not familiar with them often speak of them interchangeably.

In reality, warts are small skin disorders that are the result of a viral infection, while moles are areas of skin that are heavily pigmented with melanin (responsible for general skin coloring).

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A note about Warts and Moles - Features, Characteristics, Comparison

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Warts might look dangerous, but are actually more of an annoyance than anything else. They are hard to the touch with a calloused feel and are often colorless. They are the result of the body's infection of the human papilloma virus (HPV) - strains 1, 2 and 3, and they are very common.

So what are the features and characteristics of warts and moles?

Warts appear most often on the hands, fingers, feet and toes, but have been known to appear anywhere, even the elbow. They are contagious when passed from an infected person to another person through skin contact (does not have to be sexual). There are several types of warts, the most common being common, plantar and genital. If left untreated, a person runs the chance that the warts will spread from one body part to another.

There are a number of treatments available for warts, although most people do nothing once they realize warts have a great record for growing back. Topical methods of treatment containing salicylic acid seem to work best over such avenues as cryotherapy and duct tape, with an average of a 75% cure rate. Warts generally disappear on their own once the infection has cleared, but they can last for years or reoccur.

Now let us move on to moles in this warts and moles discussion.

Moles are also quite common, especially in those with light skin. These individuals can have up to 40 over their bodies that simply consist of an excess amount of skin pigment coloration. Generally, moles are harmless; however, those who are prone to them should be aware that they can develop into skin cancer (melanoma).

Can you see how warts and moles are different?

There are three main types of moles - those that are present at birth, those that develop after birth, and those that are large, irregular in shape and uneven in color. This last one carries the highest risk of developing into cancer. Often, moles on the face are accentuated as beauty marks.

A mole is called a congenital nevus if the individual was born with it. They involve an estimated one in every 100 persons and vary in size from small to very large (20 centimeters or larger). These can also carry a higher risk of developing into a melanoma.

Atypical moles (also known as dysplastic nevi) are typically larger than average and have uneven shapes as well as color, which can vary from brown to tan to red to pink. This type of mole runs in a family more than other types.

Moles appearing after birth are known as acquired moles, and they are generally of no concern unless they are in an excessive amount (upward of 100).

Some moles simply change over time with no adverse affects. They can develop anywhere - on the scalp, between fingers and toes, or on soles and palms, doing so typically before the age of 20. Environmental factors (such as too much sun) can also affect the growth of moles.

Thus, as you can see, warts and moles are totally different things.

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