What Do Warts Look Like? - Description of Different Types of Warts

Are you wondering - what do warts look like? What are the signs and symptoms of warts?

In truth, before you begin to wonder what warts look like, you need a little background information on them.

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A note about What Do Warts Look Like? - Description of Different Types of Warts

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There are many different types of warts, and each type has a different appearance. They can appear anywhere on the body, but most often, you will find them on the hands, feet and face. Some warts are painless, while others, such as plantar warts, are really painful.

The good news is that some warts will go away on their own after a time, but it could take years. Others, however, need to be treated in order to make them all disappear. You should know, though, that warts are contagious. For instance, genital warts are highly contagious, while others aren't so easy to get.

Filiform warts

What do warts look like? First up - filiform warts.

This type of wart is the one that you see in the movies on the faces of the evil villain. They usually grow on or around the mouth, eyes or nose, and they have sort of a "finger" shape. These are skin colored, but they are very unattractive and can grow to be quite large.

Common warts

What do warts look like? Next up - common warts.

These are the warts that you see most often and most of the time; you'll see these warts on the hands, elbows, fingers and knees. This type of wart is usually gray or brown in color and is dome shaped. Much of the time, you'll see that it has a rough texture and has black dots in it.

Flat warts

What do warts look like? Next to be discussed are flat warts.

Flat warts are the kind that can grow in clusters, with as many as 100 in a group. They are small (about the size of a pinhead), and have a smooth surface. Most of the time, they are pink or yellow, but can also be light brown. Often, this type of wart will grow on the face, but they can also appear on the arms and hands.

Plantar warts

The next type of warts to be touched on in this "what do warts look like" discussion is plantar warts.

Unlike other types of warts, plantar warts are painful and they grow on the bottom of the foot. These are usually gray or brown and look like they have a center to them. This type of wart actually grows into the skin, so you might only see the top of it. It is often rough in texture and can grow to be quite large when left untreated.

Genital warts

When discussing what do warts look like, we cannot leave out genital warts.

This type of warts is most often caused through sexual contact, but sometimes can develop without it. They can develop in cauliflower shaped bunches, or they can be smooth and singular. These warts often appear to be pink, red, skin colored, or brownish, and they can appear on the vagina or penis, around the anus, and on the soft tissue surrounding these areas. Genital warts can grow very quickly and can be highly contagious.

In learning about what do warts look like, you should know that all warts are spread through one form or another of the human papilloma virus (HPV). Whether you get them on your fingers, hands, face or knees, or you wind up with genital warts, these have all been caused by some strain of HPV. You should also know that not all forms of HPV are the kind that can lead to cervical cancer, and if you wind up with a wart on your finger, it likely won't spread to your genitalia.

Just to be safe, however, it's important not to scratch or pick at your warts, as this can cause them to spread. You can treat your warts, but much of the time they will disappear on their own. So keep your fingers off them, don't break the surface of them, and, should you choose to treat your warts, be patient and you can prevent them from spreading.

Having read about what do warts look like, you can learn more about this condition by reading the other related warts articles and pages on this website.

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