Warts on Feet - Symptoms and Prevention Tips for Plantar Warts

Warts on feet, commonly referred to as plantar warts, are not serious, but can be terribly painful if they are left untreated.

So what causes foot warts and how can they be prevented?

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A note about Warts on Feet - Symptoms and Prevention Tips for Plantar Warts

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Plantar warts are basically benign (noncancerous) growths that can develop on the sole, heel, or even the ball of the foot. These warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV).

The HPV can get into the skin if there is a break in the skin, such as a scratch. Signs and symptoms of plantar warts include feeling as though something is inside your shoe, having pain when walking, and having pain when the area is touched. Over time, the pain might get worse. Usually, the antibodies that are naturally found in the blood kill the HPV, but sometimes, plantar warts and other types of warts develop.

Plantar warts, while not dangerous, can be very painful and cause an extreme amount of discomfort. These warts on feet can develop in anyone, although they seem to be most prominent in children and in young adults.

Unlike other types of warts, plantar warts usually push back into the skin instead of sticking out. This is because they are located on the bottom of your feet and your body weight bears pressure on them as you walk.

You might notice black dots inside of the plantar warts, and they could start out as small bumps and grow larger over time. The black dots that can be found inside the warts on feet are actually tiny blood vessels. These blood vessels feed the verrucae. Some people mistakenly think that they are corns.

Unfortunately, plantar warts can be very painful. For some people, it might feel as though there is a rock in their shoe when they are walking. For other people, the wart might be so painful that they have trouble walking. Sometimes, the wart can be blister-like and even pop over time, emitting liquid.

It is important to keep the foot dry, since moisture can cause warts on feet to spread. This might mean that you have to change your footwear often, or wear different kinds of shoes altogether. This is particularly important during the summertime, especially if you wear sandals.

Sometimes, warts on feet can have several smaller warts around them. These are called Mosaic warts. You might notice that one of the warts is more or less the "central" wart and that the other ones are a lot smaller in size and cluster.

The warts themselves can be transmitted through direct contact. Common places that are known for transmitting plantar warts include public swimming pools, locker rooms, and public showers, like the ones that you might use at your local gym. For that reason, it is advisable that you wear shower shoes when walking back and forth between the water and the locker rooms. This is to not only spare your feet from developing plantar warts, but also to keep you from spreading yours if you already have some warts on feet.

There are certain risk factors which can make some people more likely to get plantar warts than other people. These risk factors include having a weakened immune system and having repeated exposure to the HPV.

To prevent plantar warts from forming, it is suggested that you avoid walking barefoot in public places whenever you can. You should also change socks daily and make sure that you take off any wet shoes.

In addition, avoid direct contact with warts on other people and make sure that you keep your feet dry and clean. Lastly, don't ignore any cuts, scratches, or new growths on your feet, and treat these as soon as possible.

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