Testicular Varicose Veins - Facts, Causes, Effects, Treatments

Thousands of men in the US undergo surgical treatment for testicular varicose veins or varicocele.

It is the leading cause of male infertility and about 15% of this type of varicose veins takes place at birth, generally occurring on the left side. The most common age group affected are those between 15 and 35.

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A note about Testicular Varicose Veins - Facts, Causes, Effects, Treatments

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Testicular varicose veins are the result of dilated blood vessels in the scrotum. Normally, blood from the testicles drains into tiny veins that join larger veins passing through the abdomen and into the heart. This natural flow is made certain by tiny valves inside the veins. It is when these valves fail that blood flow reverses, and the veins become enlarged and bothersome.

Though testicular varicose veins are most often left untreated with very few ill effects, when left untreated, this condition can cause pain (especially when standing or sitting for long periods) in many men. Heavy lifting can aggravate the condition or help create it in the first place.

Large testicular varicocele may cause the scrotum to look gnarled or lumpy and can affect fertility because their size and position interferes with the regulation of the temperature within the testicles. In older men, the appearance of varicose veins may point to a kidney tumor, which can also block blood flow.

There are two standard medical procedures for testicular varicose veins - varicocele open surgery, and a non-surgical procedure called varicocele embolization.

During surgery, an incision is made in the scrotum, cutting through the layers of skin to expose the injured veins. They are then treated with ligation or tied off, thus creating a detour of the blood flow toward healthy veins. This form of treatment is recommended only for extreme cases, as fluid around the testicles can occur, as can infection. It takes nearly a week for recovery and another two weeks waiting time before the patient is able to return to work.

Varicocele embolization, on the other hand, does not involve surgery or any type of general anesthesia. The procedure takes about 2 hours and it is conducted through a small tube (catheter) inserted through the groin or neck vein. It rarely requires an overnight stay at the hospital and has proven to be just as effective as surgery. Complications are very rarely heard of - patients are up and about almost immediately, can return to work in as little as two days, and are back to normal within 4 to 5 days. The success rate of this method is 80 to 90%, and it is preferred over surgery.

Testicular varicose veins are often harmless and require no treatment. Scrotal support such as a jock strap or snug underwear may provide all or at least some of the relief from any discomfort you may be experiencing. If pain continues or other symptoms occur, further treatment may be needed.

Fibrin, a substance naturally produced by your body, can get deposited around varicose veins, helping to cause the lumpy skin of the condition. Garlic, onions and red pepper all contain compounds that can help break down fibrin. This is also true of bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples that can be taken in supplement form.

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