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Do you have vaginal varicose veins? Have you even heard of this condition in the first place? What can be done about it? Are there useful treatments and remedies?

While varicose veins are most commonly thought of as being located in the legs, there is indeed such a thing as varicose veins occurring in the vaginal region.

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A note about About Vaginal Varicose Veins

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Although varicose veins can usually be found more frequently in the thighs and legs, they can also be located in the vagina or vulva. They are not usually considered serious concerns, but they can present symptoms that are uncomfortable.

These types of varicose veins are commonly referred to as vulval varicose veins or vulval varices. While they most frequently come up during pregnancy, they can also appear on non-pregnant women as well.

During pregnancy, varicose veins can develop and become prominent. This is partly due to the fact that during pregnancy, the weight gain that a woman has can put increased pressure on the veins in her vaginal region. This can cause the veins to become enlarged and engorged.

Additionally, with the influx of hormones during pregnancy, the walls of the veins can weaken, and this can also cause them to become engorged. The extra hormones that arise during pregnancy can have lots of physical effects all over the body, including contributing to vaginal varicose veins.

It is also possible that the fetus can compress the lower abdomen, which can make the veins in the vulva and vagina become engorged with blood and distended. Typically, if a woman gets vaginal varicose veins during pregnancy, she will also notice varicose veins in her legs as well.

The good news is that once a woman is no longer pregnant, the vaginal varicose veins tend to get better, unlike the varicose veins that can be found in the legs and thighs. The pressure on the lower abdomen will be lifted and the pregnancy hormones will disappear, too, leading to improvement of the veins in the vaginal region of the body.

Because of this, when vaginal varicose veins are present, they usually do not require any treatment, since they will eventually more than likely go away on their own. Sometimes, a rope-like vein will appear in the vaginal area, but even this should go away with time and once the baby has been delivered.

Varicose veins located in the vaginal area, unlike those that are located on the legs, are usually not considered that serious. However, they can cause itching, pigmentation changes, and cosmetic differences that some women find unpleasant and unsightly. Other symptoms might include pain in the vulva as well as the sensation of prolapse - the feeling that something inside has fallen down.

If it is thought that blood clots have developed in the veins, a Doppler or scan can show the doctor whether or not there is any need for concern. In general, there usually isn't.

During pregnancy, if the woman notices any symptoms, then she can often seek relief by using ice packs on the area that is irritated, as well as by elevating the feet and legs. Avoiding constipation by eating plenty of fiber is also encouraged, since the added pressure and strain can make the varicose veins worse.

Varicose veins that form during pregnancy can be prevented to some extent by getting plenty of rest and exercise in equal amounts. Walking and swimming are two low-impact exercises that can help stimulate blood circulation without being too strenuous for pregnant women to endure.

It is also advised that women sleep on their left side with a pillow elevating the legs to avoid getting vaginal varicose veins in the first place. Likewise, when sitting, not crossing the legs is important, and wearing support stockings, especially when flying, can help keep the inflammation down.

Having read about vaginal varicose veins, you can learn some natural treatments and home remedies to help deal with this condition by reading the other related varicose veins articles and pages.

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Click here for more pages and articles on Varicose Veins.

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