Colon Cleanse Diet - A Suggested Detoxification Plan

Starting up a good colon cleanse diet is one of the best ways to help remove toxins from the body and really improve the way your body feels and functions.

Learning which foods will be best added to your meal plan to help achieve this goal is the first step to promoting better health.

Here is how to go about creating such a bowel detoxification diet. Do note that there are many such possible diets, and this plan is but one of them.

Starting Your Day

The first thing you should do is make sure you start your day off right. This means you should be eating only fruits until noon, as these are the easiest for your body to digest. Plus the added fiber found in fruits and vegetables will also help to speed things along in your system, and will really make a big difference in how you feel overall.

Not to mention, fresh fruits and vegetables are nutritionally power-packed, too. Try to eat them raw, and look for organic whenever possible.

Recommendations for Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks

Next we move on to the lunch, dinner, and snack meals of a good colon cleanse diet. For these, your main objective is to not mix the carbohydrates you eat with proteins at any meal. Each of these foods will require a different type of process to break down, and therefore it's easier on the body if you consume them separately.

When they are eaten together, the digestive juices that are utilized to help break the food molecules down end up acting against one another, leaving your food partially undigested in the body. It's this issue that leads to the gas and bloating that you then experience.

Some sample meal ideas that you could eat while following this colon cleanse diet plan include pasta with tomato sauce and vegetables, chicken breast along with some greens salad and nuts, a baked potato with salsa and low-fat sour cream, or some steamed shrimp alongside a plate of asparagus and lemon juice.

The most important thing to ask yourself when planning your meals is whether you want to focus it around a starch rich food or a protein rich food. This would be foods such as potatoes, rice, bread, or pasta, or else on the other hand, fish, poultry, beef, or eggs.

Before Bed

Another requirement of this colon cleanse diet is to avoid eating two to three hours prior to going to bed. When you're sleeping, it becomes much more difficult for the body to digest the foods, and this can actually disrupt the natural sleep process.

Sleep should be a time you give to your body for complete rest, and if you're asking it to digest while you're sleeping, you aren't giving it the rest it requires. A very light snack if you're hungry an hour before bed may be alright, but don't have anything more than this.

Fluid Intake

Finally, it should also be mentioned that while on this colon cleanse diet, you should increase your intake of clear fluids, namely, water or herbal or green tea. Avoid other beverages such as coffee or soda, as they will work against the natural cleansing process.

Try to drink half your body weight in ounces total to really flush the system out and start feeling your best.


By trying this colon cleanse diet for two weeks, you may really start to notice marked improvements in your overall health.

As mentioned earlier, this is but one idea among many for colon cleansing diets. For more tips and suggestions, refer to the other articles and pages on this website.

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