Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Benefits

What is the colon cleanse weight loss connection?

Many people today suffer from being overweight. Some problems are due to genetics, and others to medical complications, but most people can attribute their excess weight and obesity to lifestyle and diet.

Sadly, most people hear the message but do not understand how they can be responsible.

It is an easy enough deception. With little time, we reach for fast food instead of a few good servings of raw fruits and vegetables or a healthy salad; a large fountain drink rather than fresh juiced fruits. With the budgets we live on, it is cheaper to get a few boxes of mac and cheese and a package of hot dogs, instead of several varieties of lettuce and other fresh foods. And the most widely abused scenario is our addiction to comfort foods (chips, pretzels and sweet cakes) when we are lonely, depressed, stressed or feeling restless and inadequate.

So how does colon cleanse weight loss come in?

As a result of these habits, the lining of our colons accumulate toxic matter from preservatives, food dyes, chemicals used for stabilization, as well as other additives, becoming coated with what is known as mucoid plaque.

Not only does this cause a barrier, keeping our food from being properly digested, but the colon then becomes unable to assimilate the nutrients our body needs to carry on normal function, including the proper elimination of waste. At this point, many overweight people begin to feel the effects of a clogged colon through bloating, sluggishness and fatigue.

Being overweight is the result of an unhealthy diet and not necessarily over-eating. Instead of starvation (fad) diets, we need a healthy diet, which needs to begin with cleaning the colon. Once it has been restored to health, weight loss comes naturally.

Actually, as our colons are being restored to health - the debris flushed from the cleansing process and the mucoid plaque (can weigh up to 40 pounds in very overweight people) eliminated, up to twenty pounds can be dropped almost immediately. Indeed, colon cleanse weight loss effects can be very pronounced.

The benefits of colon cleansing are therefore two-fold: not only do we lose weight through colon cleanse weight loss effects, but our digestive system functions with more efficiency, too. Nutrients are being absorbed properly, we look better, younger and slimmer, our skin is smoother, and we have more energy.

Colon cleansing and the process of detoxification helps in the area of weight loss in a number of ways. It allows the body to digest the foods we eat, it is able to absorb the nutrients from the foods it is digesting, and as a result we have renewed energy.

This is important because whereas dieting tends to reduce our levels of energy, in freeing up the clogged colon, the cleanse actually increases our energy levels. As a result, we have more energy for physical activity, which then translates to weight loss. This is an interesting colon cleanse weight loss connection, isn't it?

Once you have begun to lose weight, it will be important to eat a healthy and balanced diet, drinking plenty of purified or distilled water and incorporating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as they will ensure the colon remains healthy by providing vitamins, minerals and enough dietary fiber. Otherwise, if you return to an unhealthy diet, the colon cleanse weight loss and other benefits you obtained will only be temporary.

There are a number of good colon cleanse / weight loss products in most health food stores. If you do not or cannot accomplish your task by changing your diet alone, take advantage of their availability and their effectiveness.

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