Intestinal Detoxification - Importance and Benefits, Useful Tips and Foods

What are the importance and benefits of intestinal detoxification, and what useful tips and foods should you include in such a cleansing program? What foods should you avoid in your diet?

The fact that the small and large intestines are primary parts of the digestive system, and as such play major roles in ridding the body of toxins and waste, makes their effectiveness of the utmost importance.

Because intestinal function can degrade due to the accumulation of waste / toxins that can become first compacted and then cause blockages within the system, leading to more damage, factors such as diet take on new meaning.

Detoxification works in several ways - by clearing the body of toxins, by neutralizing them, or by transforming them into less harmful forms. This is why it is so important - particularly when so many toxins come from diet, use of drugs, and environmental exposure - to care for the body. Part of that care is intestinal detoxification.

Cholesterol, oxidized fats, and irritating molecules such as free radicals all act as toxins in the body, working to break down its integrity. Further, factors such as poor digestion, a sluggish colon, a liver whose function is reduced, as well as poor elimination through the body's many modes of waste removal (kidneys, respiratory tract, skin, bowels) all add to the body's dysfunction.

Though there are many good detoxification formulas on the market today, long term commitment to a lifestyle that will care for your body from the inside out is where the effort must begin. This applies to intestinal detoxification, too.

As part of intestinal detoxification, an inventory of the diet will be essential. Avoid chemicals, refined and / or canned foods, fried or grilled foods, white flour products, salt, sugar, wheat, yellow cheese, margarine, shortening, chlorine in the water, antibiotics in the meat / diary supply (avoid meat in general), caffeine, alcohol, as well as tobacco, and focus instead on raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes (beans, peas, lentils), raw nuts / seeds, fresh fish, vegetable oils, herbs and herbal teas.

Almost 100 million people in the US have digestive disorders. Ideally, those wishing to begin an intestinal detoxification program will combine several practices, such as juice fasting, a diet consisting of 75% raw foods (fruits, vegetables and salads), as well as an exercise program, as these will begin to dissolve as well as purge any accumulated wastes, poisons and / or toxins which are residing in your skin, fat, muscles - actually, in every cell in your body.

Along with the basics listed above, many people find it rewarding to incorporate helpful herbs and nutrients - selenium, lutein, curcumin, green tea, lycopene, folic acid, and indole-3-carbinol (found in broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage) have all been proven helpful.

Also, a good probiotic program will aid in bringing the balance back to the intestinal flora. Taking 3 tablespoons of organic flax seed (ground up) mixed with fresh juice every day will not only help with detoxification, aiding in the healing of the intestinal tract, but will provide fiber as well.

As the skin along with the kidneys are also responsible for the elimination of toxins by way of sweating and urine, many people enjoy a periodic trip to the sauna and drink large amounts of purified water to support their bodily and intestinal detoxification efforts. Both are great filters and, due to their flushing abilities, can begin the reduction of symptoms from toxic overload relatively quickly.

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