Why Colon Cleanse - Reasons to Consider Bowel Detoxification

Why colon cleanse? What is the importance of bowel detoxification?

The colon (large intestine) is one of the body's lines of defense working with the immune system in an effort to keep us free of the many toxins, bacteria and parasites present in our environment; we are subject to these harmful agents and substances through the foods we eat, medications we take, the air we breathe, etc.

The colon is responsible for the digestion of foods, the appropriation of nutrients, and the process of waste removal. Because of the many outside factors, a plaque covers the colon walls, hindering the body from doing its job, as well as providing a breeding ground for parasites, bacteria and viruses. This, in turn, further compounds the high disease ratio and chronic health problems that people in the western world face.

For anyone who is serious about their health, and for those who are asking 'why colon cleanse', it is noteworthy that detoxifying the colon and adjusting the diet are the two most important steps one can take.

Colon therapy includes several alternative methods that target the removal of fecal matter and other toxins from the intestinal tract. This can be done by physically flushing the colon (herb enemas, etc), or with a regimen of oral cleansing, including herbs, fiber, supplements and / or laxatives. It is based on medical beliefs that have been passed down to us from the Ancients.

On top of the question 'why colon cleanse', another question is - what are some typical elements and ingredients of a colon cleansing program?

A standard bowel cleanse contains such elements as fasting on juices, raw fruits and vegetables, along with taking advantage of probiotics to balance the intestinal flora. Psyllium husk / seeds or flax seeds, bentonite clay, and salt water enemas are also helpful, as is drinking a green super food (consisting of wheat and barley grass powder; alfalfa, kelp, beetroot & suma powders, along with chlorella and spirulina) mixed into apple juice once a day.

Why colon cleanse? What are some specific health benefits which colon detoxification can bring?

A colon cleanse protocol can help people lose weight, greatly increase energy levels, as well as aid the system eliminate parasites and toxins. It is the best way for restoring natural bodily function and does not only include the small and large intestines, but also the stomach, liver and pancreas, by ridding them of pesticides, dead cellular tissue, yeast infections, and other harmful substances as well.

And there's more to answering the question, why colon cleanse.

The healthy colon weighs about 4 pounds, is subtle, and works so efficiently that it is able to keep its body in top health. The toxins / wastes it collects is known as mucoid plaque and was meant to be eliminated with the other wastes (even a thin layer can weaken the body). It is not uncommon to find autopsy cases with colons impacted with up to 40 pounds of mucoid plaque.

It is important to start any cleansing and detoxification program with the removal of the waste in the colon. But why colon cleanse before other detox protocols? This is because, if you try cleansing the liver or lymph system without first clearing the way in the intestines, you run the risk of toxins getting recycled back into your body, if the bowels are clogged up.

Most people coming through a colon cleanse program feel great and energized with a sense of wellbeing. They experience mental clarity, regularity in their bowel movements (2 to 3 times a day), a considerable drop in weight, and any skin problems (acne) clearing up as if before the eyes.

In truth though, there is only one way to really know the answer to the question 'why colon cleanse' - and that is to experience the health benefits of intestinal and bowel detoxification for yourself.

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Wish to learn more about cleansing and detoxification after reading about why colon cleanse is important?

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