Good and Natural Colon Health - how to have it

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Natural colon health forms a critical part of natural health and healing as a whole.

This is because blockage is the root cause behind all diseases and ailments, and colon blockage is one of the most common forms. It is also one of most detrimental - it is often said that 'death begins in the colon'.

The vast majority of people within modern society today are badly constipated. This is due to our diet, which is full of sticky, starchy foods and lacking in fiber; our lack of physical movement; as well as our frequent consumption of chemical drugs and other harmful substances, which further impair our bowel function.

In fact, it is not uncommon to find people with 15-25 pounds of excess, backed up fecal matter stuck in their colons. How can one have a healthy colon in such a situation?

Now, imagine our bodies reabsorbing the wastes and toxins from this rotting fecal matter, every single moment of every single day.

Don't you think that is disgusting? It's something like a clogged up sewage system overflowing the entire city, stinking it up and causing serious diseases! This is far from the ideal situation of natural colon health, and it's no wonder our immune systems become badly compromised.

So, what can we do to have a healthy colon, to enjoy good colon health?

For one thing, we can improve our diets. A colon health diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially raw and organic ones, or better still, a fully vegetarian diet, helps greatly in promoting good natural colon health. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices also help. In addition, pick natural whole foods over processed and refined foods. And, while you are at it, throw some superfoods into the mix too. Now that's one potent colon health diet!

Drinking a lot of water helps in flushing the colon clean and also dilutes the toxins and wastes which go through the body.

Further, regular exercise helps in promoting peristaltic movements in the intestines, and thus results in more frequent bowel movements.

Last but not least, undergoing a natural colon detox using herbal colon cleansing herbs goes a long way in promoting good natural colon health, and thus overall health and healing from disease. Better still, do it periodically.

Eliminating waste and toxins from the colon is a prerequisite for good health, and is a prerequisite for healing virtually every disease or ailment. If there is just ONE THING that you want to do to try and improve your health or combat a condition, in my view, you should try an herbal natural colon detox. Personally, I prefer an herbal colon detox, as compared to other methods.

Dr Richard Schulze, the great natural healer and herbalist, said that over 80% of his patients' conditions and symptoms disappeared after a detox colon process. Migraines, skin problems, even cancer. Quite amazing isn't it? Don't underestimate the power of a good colon cleanse, and the importance of good natural colon health.

You may have noticed that the steps for promoting good colon health are pretty much the same as those for promoting good health in general. That's correct. That is how natural health and healing works - doing the right things and allowing the body to heal and rejuvenate itself. A healthy colon is the bedrock of a healthy body!

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Wish to learn more about cleansing and detoxification after reading about good and natural colon health?

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