Colon Cleanse Review - Discussion on Supplements and Therapies

Are you looking for a colon cleanse review? The following brief discussion will provide some pointers.

There are a number of colon cleansing products on the market today, and many are available in your local health food store, or if not, online. Among 15 of the most popular internal / colon cleansing kits, almost all of them are money back guaranteed, come complete with everything needed, and are accomplished within 30 to 90 days.

They range from being a complete colon cleanse, where consumer reviews claim the elimination of everything from ropes of goop to parasites, to semi cleanses for follow up and general maintenance. Most have products that are purchased and sent to you directly, while others consist of formulas you can create from items you already have in your home.

All of the products, except for just a few, can be purchased worldwide - the remaining in the US and Canada only. According to the consumer colon cleanse reviews, these products are effective, ranging in price from about $300.00 for the best of the best to about $50.00 for the semi cleanses. For serious colon cleanse searchers, the websites are as easy to find as typing in: "reviews on colon cleansers" (use the Search function).

Herbs and Herbal Products

Next up in this discussion on colon cleanse review, let us talk about some typical herbal ingredients in such bowel detoxification products.

There are great teas that can be purchased which utilize the properties from certain plants and herbs not only known for their laxative abilities, but that are all natural. They have such botanicals as capsicum frutescens, hydrastis canadensis root, menthe piperia leaf and zingiber officinalis root, just to name a few.

A cup of tea is prepared every morning for no more than 14 days (some herbs and botanicals can be harsh if used for long periods of time). Along with the tea, a probiotic diet (foods such as yogurt) is recommended, along with about 75% raw foods to 25% lightly steamed or stir fried.

The herb slippery elm is also a good all natural laxative. When combined with simple things such as garlic, lemons, barberry and psyllium seed, along with some distilled water, you have an effective flush. With this method, it is also recommended you eat vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, tomatoes and spinach, as well as fruits like bananas, grapes, apples and berries.

As you sieve through colon cleanse reviews, other herbal ingredients to look out for include flaxseeds, which help provide fiber and cleansing properties; cathartic herbs like senna and cascara sagrada, which help get your bowels moving; as well as bentonite clay and charcoal, which help to absorb wastes and toxins which have accumulated and are "stuck" in your colon.

Manual Cleansing Therapies and Methods

No colon cleanse review discussion is complete without talking about manual methods like colonics and enemas.

Colonic irrigation (colon hydrotherapy), commonly known as colonic, is an effective way to cleanse the colon when symptoms like constipation, allergies, indigestion, acid reflux, gas and bloating are present. Colonics are normally conducted under the care of a professional with equipment such as disposable speculum that feeds the tubing into the rectum. Water is fed slowly into the rectum and then cycled back out when the rectum is full, bringing with it any impacted wastes and / or toxins.

The next method to be discussed in this colon cleanse review discussion - enemas.

Enemas work much the same way as colonics, but on a smaller scale. They can be administered at home with the aid of an enema battle (resembles the flat, rubber hot water bottles), some tubing, and a tip that slides easily into the anus.

Most enemas are used for cleansing or to empty a normal stool (constipated) from the bowels. They may consist of plain tap water, a saline solution, an herb solution, or soapy water, and they work by stimulating the pattern of the muscular contractions that naturally take place within the bowels, thus triggering the urge for elimination.

So there you have it - some pointers to look out for on colon cleanse reviews. Hopefully, they are useful to you.

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