Colon Cleanse Tea for Bowel Detoxification - Benefits, Ingredients, and More

Are you thinking of using a colon cleanse tea to help detoxify your bowels?

Here, you will learn more about such herbal teas.

You may or may not have intestinal problems and still fall victim to a buildup of mucoid plaque in the colon. This plaque, if left unattended, will eventually harden and make it difficult for the colon to properly digest foods or assimilate the nutrients the body needs. It also encourages the growth of parasites, bacteria and viruses.

As time passes, this hardened material affects the immune system, skin health and levels of energy.

Today, colon cleanse teas consist of ingredients derived from plants that act as all-natural laxatives specifically designed to help detoxify the body. As an added bonus, these plant properties also support digestive health as well as promote overall wellness. These teas aid in the removal of mucoid plaque, which results in restored colon health; they can also reduce bloating and generally promote weight loss.

There are many brands of colon cleanse tea that can be purchased from most health foods stores and numerous websites online. Most natural health practitioners recommend that you buy a tea that contains ingredients that act as natural laxatives. These include: berberis vulgaris bark, stevia rebaudiana, capsicum frutescens, rheum palmatum root, cassia senna leaf, rhamnus frangula bark, chamaemelum nobile, lobelia inflate, hydrastis canadensis root, foeniculum vulgaris seed, mentha piperita leaf, rhamnus purshiana bark, rubus idaeus leaf and / or zingiber officinalis root.

Generally speaking, to prepare such teas, place the bags in water that has been boiled, but no longer boiling, as the herbs or their properties can be damaged. Drink at least one cup per day, preferably in the morning, to reap the cleansing benefits. Continue this course of action for a maximum of two weeks. (Due to the powerful effectiveness of the teas, any longer could damage your colon.)

Most importantly, you should pay attention to and follow the usage and dosage instructions which come with the colon cleanse tea you are using.

Because the effects of the herbal laxatives can remove healthy as well as harmful bacteria from the colon, you could supplement the regimen with a probiotic diet. This would include adding yogurt or an acidophilus product to the diet. This will ensure a healthy balance of bacteria in the colon.

As it is possible to carry up to 20 pounds of built up matter and mucoid plaque and not even know it, some herbalists suggest a mild cleanse once weekly for preventative and maintenance purposes. Use one cup of colon cleanse tea for maintenance, and use an increased amount if you are experiencing any gastro intestinal issues or symptoms, such as fatigue, skin blemishes and bloating, or if symptoms do not seem to want to pass.

Again, it must be mentioned that you should carefully follow the instructions of the specific tea supplement you are taking.

Herbal cleansing teas can cause side effects like nausea, cramping, headaches and / or diarrhea. Stop drinking the tea if you experience any of these conditions.

Another good herbal colon cleanse tea with colon detoxifying properties is slippery elm tea - particularly if it is combined with garlic, barberry, psyllium seeds, bentonite clay, and organic lemons. You will need distilled water, and also organic vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach and tomatoes) and fruits (apples, bananas, berries and grapes), to help the elimination process along.

As you begin any cleansing program, including the use of colon cleanse teas, you may experience fatigue, or feel as if you might be coming down with the flu; this will pass quickly. Soon, you will be feeling better than you have in years.

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