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learn how to prevent and overcome the flu naturally
August 21, 2009

ALL 4 NATURAL HEALTH – Attaining Good Health Naturally

Issue 09/025


Flu viruses, whether it is swine flu, avian flu or just the "regular" seasonal flu, have one thing in common - they tend to affect those who have weakened immune systems.

And, often, many people who finally do unfortunately succumb, have actually been killed by secondary bacterial infections, rather than by the flu virus itself. Somewhat ironically, the place where one is mostly likely to catch potentially fatal bacterial infections is… hospitals, which are famed for antibiotic-resistant "superbugs".

While thousands panic and flock to hospitals to seek conventional medical care at the onset of the slightest of symptoms, personally, if I ever catch the flu, this is one place I would most want to avoid.

Boosting the Immune System

If persons with reduced immunity are most at risk, it follows then, that the best way to prevent and beat influenza is through a strong and well-functioning immune system. And there is no way to achieve this other than through natural methods - a healthy diet, regular exercise, fresh air, sunshine, sufficient rest, reduced exposure to toxins (for example, MSG, alcohol, refined sugar, aspartame, etc), stress management, a positive mental outlook and a cheerful emotional state, boosted by powerful herbs and supplements.

Echinacea, for example, is an herb well-known for its immune-boosting properties, while vitamin C and zinc are crucial for proper functioning of the immune system. Holistic therapies like rebounding on a mini-trampoline and sweating it out in an infra-red sauna also give one's immunity a great lift.

In addition, a good cleansing and detoxification program will significantly improve your immune system, too; keeping your bowels moving is of particular importance, as a sluggish bowel causes the whole body to become clogged up and toxic. Further, because the majority of your immune cells are linked to your digestive system, good digestive health is extremely important; in this regard, something which assists bowel health is probiotics.

Other important immune-boosting nutrients include magnesium, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids.

Fighting Viruses Directly

And Mother Nature has gone one step further, by providing us an array of herbal remedies which have potent antibacterial and antiviral properties. In this regard, fresh, raw garlic is perhaps the most potent antimicrobial herb and food known to Man. Garlic improves strength and has a whole load of other health benefits, too.

Virgin coconut oil, olive leaf extract and oregano oil are also said to have antimicrobial properties.

Then there are some basic commonsensical steps to take to reduce your risk of exposure, such as avoiding crowded places, and avoiding close contact with people who are ill.

Swine Flu

On the swine flu front, it remains to be seen if health authorities are going to force vaccination upon the general population. The truth is that these vaccines would not have been proven safe (question: are vaccines ever really safe?), will probably do more harm than good overall, and are going to net their makers billions of dollars in profits.

Powerful commercial and political interests are, as always, at play. For me, I still cannot decide if these interests are totally dictating what is taking place; the authorities do indeed have the interests of the people at heart and are simply overreacting; or if the actions of the authorities are indeed justified. It's probably a combination of the three scenarios. History, however, suggests that vaccines can harm more people than the diseases they are supposed to combat.


Whatever the case, it is absolutely important that we as individuals are well-informed so that we can take care of ourselves and our families.

And, in dealing with ailments caused by bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, ask yourself this question - does a germ by itself cause the disease, or does the terrain (i.e. your body) allow the germ to thrive? The answer to this question will provide a solid guiding principle on how to prevent and treat the flu.

Today, I've published a few articles outlining some tips on how to prevent and deal with the flu naturally. I've also published latest articles on various other health conditions. Links to all these articles are available below.

Finally, let me end off with two quotes on germs.

"The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything." - Louis Pasteur

"It is time to lay to rest the notion that germs jump into people and cause diseases." - Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D., D.M.D. in Vitamin C: Who Needs It?

Take care, friends, and have a great weekend ahead!

Yours in Good Health,

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